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30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof. It's a 22. A scholarship program with a purpose has been launched in Maryland, and it kind of is self serving. The plan is to put high quality training programs within reach of Prince George's County residents from under represented backgrounds, David said. Finn is chief strategy officer for two. You ink, he says. This will provide the opportunity for attending boot camps that provide the skills that employers want. Among the fastest growing jobs are the Is that requires some level of tech skills even in the face of covert to you has partnered with the Workforce Development Group employed Prince George's tow launch the scholarship program with local universities like George Washington, Sandy Coz L W T O P News and Prince George's County residents can apply for access to education scholarships through the end of the year. Well, this seems to be a covert curiosity people getting the virus even though they stay at home. People tend to let their guard down when they're around loved ones. Alexandria Health departments, Natalie Tallis says That may be why almost a third of positive cases think they may have been exposed at home. So anyone who feels like something's not quite right, even if they're not fully sick needs to steer clear of other household members because they could infect them before the virus fully shows itself. The gold standard would be that you could in your own bedroom with your own bathroom and be separate and away from others, if that's not right. Ballistic the person not feeling well should isolate within the house, where a mask and wipe down any surfaces they touch, especially bathrooms or shared surfaces, not sharing utensils, laundry things like that. Michelle Morello w T o P..

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