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Allowed to hug him on a prison visit in nineteen eighty five as the nineteen eighties progressed the legend of nelson mandela only grew sympathetic governments named streets in public squares after him colleges granted him honorary degrees in absent shy of course there was even a song free nelson mandela performed by the specials which became an international hit mandela's importance as a symbol was a concern to the south african government as they did not want the international community to turn against them so president p ta a hardliner elected nineteen seventy eight offered men della his release in nineteen eighty five however it was only on the condition that the african national congress renounce all violence mandela rejected the conditional release saying quote i am not prepared to sell the birthright of the people to be free winnie continued her activism sometime citing for with the militants in the movement than she did with mandela in nineteen eighty six when he gave a speech that condone the practice of necklacing this was a form of torture and execution where a rubber tire was forced around victims chest and arms filled with gasoline and set on fire when he said quote with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country when he was also accused of wrongdoing through the men del united football club which acted as her personal security detail in nineteen eighty eight the club kidnapped for young men from a methodist ministers home when he said it was because she suspected they were being sexually abused by the minister but a witness claimed that the boys were tortured by winning and the football club and one boy who was suspected of being an informant was later found stabbed death stricken with two berkey los in nineteen eighty eight mandela was transferred to victor verster prison.

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