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Hello how la oh get vaccinated well that's it for show our theme music is by brand keep dalton our podcast is produced amco edited by mr huhne kramer and we should mention that in is an expectant father and he may be having a baby right around then congratulations haley poppa momma now i hope that they take their momma and poppas intuition and vaccinate that child i know they will and i hope we express their masculine and feminine energy in our emmer they want to watts you can find us on facebook dot com forward slash on wreck owen rac find pictures of this event and you can find us on twitter at ono podcast and can also donate to us at maximum fund at orrick forward slash donate yes please and thank you can tell you how much we appreciate your support and older positive feedback yemen and remember as white visit misery was the rule will this is kind of like the boys and men are kinda like a silica tidal wave you know we'd come in we get all his power suddenly crafts and assured do everything around a good inigo back to the ocean and then you know the film and incomes and she's like chouzas kanwar's alleged smooth everything integrated every day measure everything's okay because of the matter is that you can't allow them to be from the tidal waves if you have too many tidal wave you never know beach is going to destroy it because energy is not balanced magic happens when is a balance of power.

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