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I was gonna say scrappy, like yeah. Scrappy, scrappy, wasn't even cooler scrappy do. I disagree. You were a scrappy doo fan. You were the one. Scrappy, Scooby was great. I say it holds up. I'm not like saying, I want you, you a scrappy doo fan. I like scrappy scrappy, scrappy, nothing killing me. He's adorable. He was a marketing ploy. So. Like every cartoon has some kind of marketing ploy. It wouldn't have surprised me if all of a sudden, like back in the day, if you see scrappy like ticket a puff on a camel, Joe or something like that, because you're like, oh, why smoking OA back in that day, didn't really matter. Like that's what I'm saying. Like everything is a marketing ploy. He's talking about. Well, you know, if we're really up to me, I can't do a scrappy voice. So this. He's just like you know, if we're up to me, I'd like to -cation Breckenridge like what is he talking about? Everything's marketing Benjamin. It's marketing even a segment probably got marketing in somewhere. Like just Breckenridge is really delightful. Delightful place vacation Breckenridge reminds me of my roots back in Rudo. So. When I was a young boy and canyon. That bit any Andy Griffiths. It's eighty Griffith pretend to be a real lawyer and like all these anecdotes young bowl iron whipper. We don't canyon. I have not seen it from back into the early nineties. All right. So the Rockies to the Rockies you'll grill rails accessible, I know the Rockies have been have been so much fun. They have been so much fun. And they legitimately should have swept the Padres, they should have swept the frigging Padres, you wonder coming off of that going into they, they've forty eight runs and that but they gave up forty four. What their mindset would be heading into this series in the diamondback. I gotta be honest. I came into the saying pray for two and one pray for it. It's what? And convincingly, honestly today today got close close today's there's some tension there and I'm gonna be honest those that game it was a little low started getting a case tight cheeks, you know, kind of watching that basis loaded bit there at the end they want Scott over Oberg is nails and the sooner you realize that and everybody out there realize it, it was close to that. I liked it but it was all season. I was I was, I was worried. Over one point five, oh, ERA. Oh, sitting here, watching me, and our buddy, brenick rextall, was over here, and Dave and Rick. And we were watching the end of that. I had a case tight cheeks man, I was like this Washington, it was on TV it was on TV listening to. You're listening to it on the home. Right. The rockies. Yeah. That's the only way really to do it. We're watching the producer rich, right? Yeah. Yeah. I can imagine now. Jeff hop only went to two thirds. He eight eighty two pitches to go to and two thirds. He's going to have to do better. Yeah. That's that's inefficient, the beauty of it for the Rockies really is the Diamondbacks, man. They, they got five Robby Ray at five walks today. Now, Jeff hyphen and four robberies. Pretty solid pitchy at nine strikeouts. He's one of the top guys in the league strikeout, but he walks ton of dudes, what generally, what happens when he was strikeout pitcher. Yeah. So he gave up quite a bit walks being both teams struggled in that the Rockies give up eight walks today. Diamondbacks gave up nine so a lot lot of players on base today, and they have no answer whatsoever for KENDALL Marseille who's been just sensational for Zona this year. Batting three or five had four hits today but. The end Rockies get it got the dodgers coming up the dodgers playing tonight by the way against San Francisco. We'll keep you updated on that, which a little scoreboard watching Benjamin, we get Chessel. We can actually the Rockies are in where they at by the way, the wild card. Have you checked this out yet Rockies? Yeah. Man second-division don't know whether in the wild card, you're supposed to be up on these things like a busy afternoon or something. Yeah. Right. Chock full of. Solely going on. Right. Rockies rock. Rocky Surra half game up on the Felise the right there with Milwaukee. If start right now Rockies were players would be that they are. I do play the rest of the night and obviously, you know tied with the tie. The brewers. I like I like the fact that everybody was, you know, crap it all over the Rockies at the start of the season, and I was like, you know, just have a little patience. A little patience, you could start cold. If hit me and hit me at the end of June. If they're still they're still cold, that point, then we can start talking about, you know, I hate to baseball, you have to be patient in baseball if he patient and people are willing to be paid to series three series and all work canceling season. Tickets out three and twelve a tough start. Ben everybody's excited. Sometimes you gotta wait just a little bit. People have a little patient. People were saying that Jeff bridage and the Rockies new to build off the past two seasons of success Benjamin. This is what this what they needed to do. They needed to actually win the frigging division for the first time in franchise history. What they done up until this point last year's was good. You finally made the playoffs. Great. It's patient that they're sitting out there that lamenting this, this cold start. And I'm like, look, the Rockies are like John high right now, the sitting out in front of the piano have a little faith in me. You solely have that kind of ninety that cat tonight. Three three seven three eighty five eighty five. That's our phone number five six six nine zero to bump back with that, you know that's going to happen now. But see recruitment, our next guest is not going to have to explain to them. I'll sing along with it. Five six nine years, texting at Albright ineffective for Benjamin. I'm at redwoods radio at Andrews rar. On Twitter for our producer, Angie, Sillo offering drew Crispin joins us next coming up in the clock. Our Joe Morgan's gonna talk a little NBA with the NBA draft happening right now. We'll let you know if never nuggets end up doing anything, I naturally, just encourage you to go. Check out Adrian wasn't hausky on Twitter because he's say that one more time last name. No. Watch your eyes. I think it pulled on my tongue. Yeah. I will come.

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