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I'm not thinking. But that's okay. I know you're not thinking do now. Go ahead. Trump. She he then chastise Vegas. Trying to ask a question about cavenaugh instead of a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico that he adjusted announced so let's pick wanted for an upstate hospital shooting and robbery and Brooklyn has now been arrested forty two year old Joshua Stewart. I've been alluding police since allegedly opening fire on officers at a hospital in Ellen Ville back on Friday. He was spotted in sunset park over the weekend. Allegedly tried to rob a store clerk at gunpoint yesterday. Witnesses say cops then found steward and chased him to the Galanos canal. He jumps into the water. Cops goes after him and it pretty much right away. And in the end here. No one was injured in that hospital shooting or the armed robbery in Brooklyn nine year old girl lucky to be alive after falling out of a sixth floor window of her apartment building in Harlem girl sent to be conscious and alert after tumbling from the Saint Nicholas houses on Frederick Douglass boulevard. Nine year old landed on the roof of a childcare center that's on the ground floor of the building. She's being treated at Harlem hospital an alleged drunk driver expected to face upgraded charges after a boy scout that he hit this died. Twelve year old Andrew McMorris was one of five boy scouts hit on Sunday. By that driver, Fifty-nine-year-old Thomas Murphy, who's facing charges of driving while intoxicated. His attorney is Stephen Flint condole families as tragedy for everyone and beyond that I have nothing further. Comments on other. Boy scouts was seriously injured in that accident three others suffered less serious injuries. A scare at Kennedy airport yesterday. Delta flight four twenty had to abandon take-off when its landing gear caught fire. Two hundred five passengers and crew of eight were on board. They were safely evacuated. No one was hurt. New jersey. Governor Phil Murphy's has recreational marijuana could be legal in the state within a matter of weeks. During a Facebook live townhall event. He says it'll happen sooner than later Democrats in the legislature are already moving forward with a Bill. The state Senate could vote on it by the end of the month. Critics say the measure hasn't been officially introduced yet and there've been no public hearings. Meanwhile, the governor's outlining an economic development strategy for the state governor Murphy's plan includes a bunch of programs and reworked tax advantage incentives for startup companies to launch here in New Jersey..

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