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His sudden wealth. According to the rules of the catholic church family members of the sick or deceased can pay a priest to give mass in that person's honor an existing service like a sunday mass can be dedicated to the honoree or another mass can be added specifically for them. Technically all it costs is an optional donation to the church today. The suggested donation is around ten dollars in sewn year's day it was maybe one frank probably about five dollars today. There have always been strict limits on saying mass in exchange for payment for example. Priests aren't supposed to take donations from two families in only say one mass essentially doubling up. And they're not supposed to perform these services more than three times in a day. According to brian. Houghton author of history's mysteries baron jay. Sonia took this scheme to its limit. He advertised himself in newspapers and magazines around the world. He took in hundreds of payments. At a time it said that he received up to one hundred and fifty letters per day requesting mass and each of those requests contained money. If sown year were to satisfy all of the inquiries it meant you would have been saying masses around the clock which was of course impossible but hot and suggests that sony hair didn't even try to fulfil every order in fact. He didn't spend that much time in church whatsoever. Instead he traveled the world and entertain friends by hosting lavish parties. We should mention that although this is unethical and against the rules sonia wasn't known as a bad guy people in ren lucia to- actually like him after all. He used some of his wealth to benefit the people he decorated. The church built an orangerie in fixed up. The public gardens was only when the new bishop took power that rumors of sonya's corruption began flying and in nineteen ten. He was finally asked to appear in ecclesia court. Sonya's lawyer argued that some of his income came from donations not masses and when sonia received a request for a mass he didn't have time for he forwarded the money to another priest for fulfillment supposedly so near kept a ledger of all the mass requests. He received he also provided the receipts for.

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