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This is kingpins. Apar- cast original. I'm Alistair and I'm kate every day in May we're featuring a quote by an iconic crime figure teaching us in their own words what it takes to survive in the underworld today. We're taking a look at a quotes from Benjamin Lefty Ruggiero. Ruggiero was a notorious thug and is thought to have murdered twenty six people during his thirty years working for the New York via with reputation as a loyal soldier for the banana family. It's hardly shocking. That he wants said a little violence never heard anyone. This catchy Zinger is attributed to reject Rogelio in the memoirs of former FBI agent. Joseph pistone. Who spent time in deep cover with the mafia hosing as a jewel thief named Donnie Brasco? Pistone had convinced Ribero to bring him into the banana crime family. Soon after they met in the early nineteen seventy s. Ruggieri's relationship with the man he knew as Donnie BRASCO began to blur the lines. Between professional and personal to lefty Rasco was a close friend. And protege someone. He could pass on his wealth of racketeering experience to Roscoe run the bookmaking business and he often dined at rose home with his family. In the Mafia the divide between friend and colleague is inherently muddy to bring a new member into the family is to vouch for them by opening the door to the banana organization. Lefty had staked his life on brass goes loyalty. Which means that if things went sideways both of their lives would be forfeit. A career spent dealing in these life and death. Absolutes may have walked reg- aero's comprehension of violence to him. Aggression was a form of currency something to be bonded and sold and as a racketeer. Bloodshed was a key part of the business model without the threat of violence. His Marx would have less incentive to open their wallets. Of course those threats had to have true weight behind them which is where. Aero's reputation came into play during his criminal career. He murdered twenty-six people either to serve his own interests or those of the people paying him when the occasion called for it he reached for his two pistols one for each hand. Earning him his other nickname to guns. According to pistone regierung may have had a reputation as a killer but in his everyday life he didn't often resort to violence to him. It seemed bloodshed was a business transaction. And if that upset You well. That wasn't his problem. What was his problem was Donnie BRASCO agent? Stones initial assignment was a six month. Sting to gather information about truck hijacking but eventually it grew into almost five years of working undercover gathering Intel on Jero and his associates in the banana family when his superiors finally ordered an end to the operation. In July of Nineteen eighty-one they visited the head of the crew. Sonny black in person to tell him the truth about brass goes identity for the mistake of allowing an FBI agent to infiltrate the Mafia sonny black was murdered and had his hands cut off by his fellow mobsters. It was a fate that was meant to await lefty Jero as well but he was arrested and held in custody by the FBI for his own protection and for the protection of their undercover agent at reject rose trial prosecutors revealed that he had made a concerted effort to find and kill agent pistone wants his betrayal was revealed but he never got the chance. The evidence pistone had collected led to over one hundred convictions including Gyros ironically for a man whose business was governed by murder kindness to someone. He took a friend had been his undoing in the end regierung might not have seen the in little violence but he certainly felt the painful sting of betrayal..

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