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With larry cougar continues on six eight lease sports leader we are headed to to wrigley field in in about a minute get ready for the the giants and the chicago cubs by the way is announced this morning already that mac williamson is the everyday left fielder he's back he's off the d l he's in the lineup today sitting in the in the seven whole between brandon crawford and kelvin tomlinson but according to boetsche mac big mac is going to be the everyday left fielder which is good news it's a holiday treat for all of us it absolutely is like watching this kitty it's the ball you hit the ball far the best holiday treat though is the national league west i heard this this morning arizona as well as thirteen or fourteen aj paulie two months that's their all star center fielder so they're they're a half game back of colorado giants should two games back here come the dodgers the dodgers twenty two and twenty seven there three and a half back so that's the giants best friend the national league west you know right now and we'll see what happens again chicago is the opponent john miller is going to join us and we'll we'll get the the utterings of john will you go you listen to the giants game today what are you gonna finish something you know i'm just asking where you listening because i know you're of course the bay area's top rated pre game show countdown to tip off to you to the jaw drops it whole npr's six eight bucks cumulus station today in chicago as the orange and black until wrigley bill for today's ballgame bill sue things that aren't exactly your you're not exactly normal are you high fat watching on top of other buildings there seems to be a strange amount of vegetation growing the outfield wall and an actual person is changing the numbers on a manually operated scoreboard a lifelong fan named steve is not welcome fancy bartman many thought he doomed the cubs world series chance that what's even more bizarre is the nasty gelatinous goo they put all over there hotdogs neon green relish is authentic from the chicago pickle company specifically for his dollar was definitely can't find this welcome to the wondrous world of wrigley with a brand llandough koch and buster try to leave.

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