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H. group Brazilian owned JBS USA and Tyson foods had temporarily closed about twenty U. S. meat plants as the virus infected thousands of employees prompting meat Packers and grocers to warn of shortages some plants have resumed limited operations as workers afraid of getting sick stay home according to US department of agriculture data is analyzed by Reuters while pork supplies tighten as the number of take slaughtered each day plunged by about forty percent since mid March shipments of American pork to China more than quadrupled over the same period Smithfield which China's Debbie age group brought forward bought for nearly five billion dollars in two thousand thirteen was the biggest U. acts exporter to China from January through March reporter Eric Gladys has more many Nebraska meatpacking workers who stand side by side in cool virus preserving conditions are reporting that the meat they process is more valuable than their lives according to Douglas county health director seventy percent of code nineteen infections involving two or more people have been linked to the area's nine meat packing plants Abby credits with the heartland workers center says she understands the need to protect the nation's food supply at the same time these workers are working in close quarters and whereas some companies are trying to take the necessary precautions and recommendations by the CDC not all are doing that and we still have workers becoming infected president Donald Trump recently signed an executive order to prevent plants from closing and keep food supply chains moving crisis group is calling on governor Pete rickets to move beyond voluntary compliance and demand that plants install uniforms safety protocols recommended by health experts including social distancing adequate sanitation and personal protection equipment and testing along with paid medical leave so sick workers can stay home and not lose their job Kretz says she worries that plant managers don't understand that there is a life and family behind each worker considered an essential employee many of whom are immigrants and refugees she is hopeful that the pandemic has made it clear that everyone is connected and everyone should be treated as a valued member of the community but it can no longer be like this us versus them mentality and I think once we can begin to see ourselves as one Nebraska we can actually like dental and argue with each other and say that these actions need to take place for the benefit of all in Nebraska and across the U. S. minority populations have been disproportionately affected by the novel coronavirus a recent live well Nebraska magazine reports showed nearly seventy percent of all confirmed code nineteen cases in Douglas county were people of color for public news service I'm Erik alas the British government performs an about face on masks today telling people to cover their mouth and nose and shops buses and subway trains the change came as part of what prime minister Boris Johnson called the first careful measures to lift our nation wide lockdown imposed seven weeks ago to slow the spread of the new coronavirus it's a recommendation rather than a rule people won't be penalized if they don't wear a mask the government outlined a three stage approach to ending a lockdown beginning on Wednesday with the relaxing of limits on outdoor activity people in England may take unlimited amounts of exercise rather than just one trip out today and may sit and Sunday the outdoors driving to a park or beach will be permitted and golf courses and tennis courts can re open Holly Hudson has more from London after weeks of insisting there was little scientific evidence to support the use number ten is now advising the face covering should be worn in enclosed public spaces like public transport in shops with social distancing isn't possible the new guidance is included in the government's fifty page plan to rebuild announced by Boris Johnson which edges more people to return to work where possible this week public health officials stressed coverings will only prevent transmission in some circumstances and they should instructions on how people can make their own masks so as not to place undue pressure on health workers Holly Hudson London France and Spain are lifting some of Europe's toughest coronavirus restrictions the two countries have been locked down for about eight weeks with today's partial re opening French residents no longer have to Kerry forms allowing them to leave their homes some schools have reopened crowds developed at.

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