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Phenomenon if you like took off there was these unforeseen aspect where as you said paypal claims is that they same aslan demand in the real world you know not in uh forums not in um you know images on the internet but literally in the real world and that's sort the wedding go uh my attention more than it did previously i mean i was aware of the slammed amount phenomenon when he kicked off in two thousand nine because he was big news on the internet bus it wasn't too i said a few months later there i sort of really stood up until now tastes when you know the the stretch the slammed amounted gone essentially from being a fictional and city to a supernatural entity and the overriding fear a uh as to how and why this has happened is the the theory what are known as kelpers in tibetan germs or a thought for them and for people who don't know what thought form saw basically to the idea if you have it can be one person temporary papal but it's all you'll be better if it's an audience of hundreds of thousands which certainly the landmine house it's the idea that the collective mindsets and imagination of hundreds of thousands of people who are tops as i said fixated and upset with this slender mine joined pigs absolve him uploading them chatting about am dreaming about him nightmares and the she's going on all around the world the theory is that these collective mind pies mind almost can bring to life a sort of supernatural equivalence of a fictional and should say in other words the power of the human mind gives but fina very strange and supernatural fashion to a monster it's interesting nick and i didn't know this until reading your book but i'm in your book regarding one of these strange synchronicity is on this show coast to coast am that i hosted with my guest bill murphy talking about solp buzz discussing slender man as part of that scenario and now it correct me if i'm wrong that episode that i did if a number of years ago was the day before the.

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