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On the fives. Follow us on Twitter and WIBC traffic. Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist the snow is common. What are we looking at? Yeah. Good morning. We're gonna see dry conditions today. Maybe a little bit of sunshine clouds increase for the afternoon with highs near thirty six tonight after midnight. That's when that's no will develop will see lows drop down to twenty eight and snow will be monitored. Daddy at times during the day on Saturday. Total snowfall accumulations about five to seven inches, but high thirty three a few flurries early on Sunday. Then there's no comes to an end. We'll see mostly cloudy skies. Highs. Near thirty four. So winter is here. And the snow. We're still saying that the high end seven inches. We're not adding to that. Now, we may see some spots a little bit higher. But generally, I think pretty much everyone across India novelty at least four inches in some spots here around Indianapolis could see between five and seven inches. Right. That right there Tara Hastings a wish TV meteorologist Tara. Thank you twenty-six degrees right now in the American standard heating weather center. High of thirty four today. The time is seven seven this hour on ninety three WIBC is powered by a comfortable climate. You're American standard air dealer in Indianapolis. cats Ninety-three WIBC good morning. The snow is coming. We will get you ready for it..

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