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An uber driver, posting YouTube videos of passengers who get into his high priced convertible. Yeah. What do you do later today? Oh, must fast Friday night, Kaya was by himself on the West Side highway when he was sideswiped by two guys on a mope Ed, who beat him up and sped off with the Lambo. Though it took the driver a couple of minutes to figure out how the car works. The thief easily evaded a police tow truck that was following. Eventually, there was an accident and the car was left at a McDonald's in the Bronx. Roger Stern. 10 10 wins in Hell's Kitchen. It's been a contentious issue. There are those who support a group of homeless men being housed in an Upper West Side hotel and a resident group that opposes it. Tomorrow. A judge will hear the case that will determine if the men are allowed to stay there. A rally in support of the homeless at the loot. Lucerne Hotel was held Saturday. Among those in attendance. New York City mayoral candidates Maya Wiley and Diane Morales, borough President Gale Brewer and Lucerne resident Isaiah Thomas. We have not all bad people. As for me, this is like the stepping stone. This is this is a thing that helps me. Last month, A temporary restraining order was granted, allowing the 235 temporary residents. To remain there. Area residents have complained of a decline in their quality of life when the news time 6 50 traffic and AKI weather on the way Next on 10 10 wins. CBS Thursday. Yes, Yes, It's a brand new episode of the Unicorn. I'm so jazzed E mean I expected to be jazz,.

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