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W. J. earlier today it's just a it's very very sad and stars the parade goes were good a yes our dentist in our presenting sponsor we will you know we have a two years left on a contract with the company will see where that goes well monitored closely liquidation sales at the store is expected to begin tomorrow well with dozens of locations across Michigan alone and hundreds when it comes to the Midwest what's expected to come of each location of art van Jeff Glover this owner of Keller Williams realty remember they they sold the store so you know the beer the owners of the stores may not be immediately placing them on the market well they may they may first start looking for other perjure real retailers to come in and take the space so you may see more relief signed then you actually keep herself find in my opinion now before getting into real estate Glover tells us he began his professional career in sales and art van's west land location Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren has ended her campaign for the democratic nomination for president but she's holding off on making the endorsement CBS news political analyst Leonard Stein horn breaks it down Warren was portraying herself toward the end of the campaign somebody bridge both sides of the party but she's a realist she understands the politics she understands the trends she sees the delegate numbers so she is going to wait and see and think about how it's going to have the greatest impact this says Michigan is gearing up for next Tuesday's primary yeah next Tuesday's primary that's right the top election official in this state expects later than typical results during that primary because of a surge of absentee ballots and other factors secretary of state Justin Benson says the election is the first major statewide contests since voters in twenty eighteen authorize no reason absentee voting and same day voter registration absentee ballot requests are up eighty percent compared to the twenty sixteen presidential primary as of this morning nearly sixteen thousand absentee ballots had been scratched or spoiled it may seem obvious but Tito's vodka is putting out a message today saying don't use their spirits to make hand sanitizer this is some products are getting harder to come by amid concerns over corona virus the Texas vodka makers say Tito's handmade vodka is forty percent alcohol and therefore does not meet the current recommendation of sixty percent from the CDC the CDC says washing hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs in most situations another town has a four legged mare Murphy a three year old cavalier King Charles spaniel and therapy dog was elected to the post in fair haven Vermont he beat out the incumbent goat mayor Lincoln and canine Sammy a town police dog eighth graders counted the ballots to determine the winner Murphy's platform was to raise money for a new playground and get children interested in politics his day job is visiting nursing homes schools and hospitals Pam Coulter CBS news wonder how he was able to express what his what he wanted for the community and still ahead here on newsradio nine fifty bias against women worldwide I'm giving up on that story coming up W. W. JT is time is now five thirty eight traffic.

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