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Do I love Steve Winwood, but hate Phil Collins? Will. Steve Winwood is the better? More legitimate version of Phil Collins? Like Steve Winwood has got the real nous that Phil Collins laugh like that, Poppy feeling that you get from Bill Collins? You don't like It's not president with Mr Winwood. Its authenticity it is. Amy is a musician's musician. Yeah. Bill College eyes, a performer. He's an act. Steve Winwood is a musician. So I know I've told you in the past. I don't know if you if you fully remember Randall Bramblett, who is my grandma's brother, son. He He's done some music by himself. He played keyboards and saxophone for Steve Winwood. So back in like the early nineties, when Winwood would come to town. He would hook Randall would hook my mom and dad up with backstage passes to go back and hang out with Steve Winwood and the whole band and growing up. I just thought like I knew Steve Winwood. Well, yeah. I mean, you're kind of connected. I mean, in a weird way. I never got a chance to meet him. But So cool this music's great John's joints John Reid's news stories underneath which I will play lullaby versions of popular songs when it's all said and done. We have no prizes to offer you. But people seem to like the guests the songs anyway, so I welcome you to do so if you want No big deal, son, John is bringing us these joints. Today, John's joints being brought to you by many weight loss..

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