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All right the last show of twenty twenty and I would say it's been a fun year here at the art of charm right Johnny. It's certainly has. I've been putting together our top ten list to go out the social media of the air and if you at home have your favorites shooter. Mattis at twitter. It'd be great to have your input on this. As I make my way through it. We have certainly had well. We had fifty four episodes and there was quite a lot to go through. So I'm going to need your help and also tweet at us who you want on the show. Oh we would love to hear tweeted us tag a minute and let's see if we can make it happen for you guys that's right. You can find us on twitter and Instagram at the art of charm. Or if there's any topics you want to hear US cover in the New Year we are all ears you can find their on social and of course it is the holidays Ivan enjoying a little bit of a break here here. I have my fiance. Amy's family in town and it's always fun having people visit in La. 'cause I feel like you get outside of your neighborhood and you actually see more of the city you certainly do. And it's it's certainly a large enough place where you can go somewhere every day and practically be in another country now if you follow the show at all you know that a lot of our guests are very successful. They're older we talk about their journey. I'm excited about today's guest because he's younger and for our audience who is younger. It's great to hear his story about hearing now being turned down perseverance. and carving out a tremendous filmmaking career thus far one of the interesting think things that I've noticed for myself during this interview was the style that he had brought with him release lead me to just from his youth for being as young as he is following his dreams. I couldn't help it go there that I always found myself sort of in those moments were on the dad downright alright in moments where I'm like completely out of touch and there's there's some funny moments on this show and there was some funny moments behind the scenes where just hanging out with that. It was definitely telling me my age. We'll say it's great having that youthful energy and I know it got me fired up for creating some content so we're going to dig into that. Of course. Welcome back to the art of charm. podcasts where we bring you tips and strategies on how to better connect socially boost your emotional intelligence login and of course navigate social behavior to crush and business love and life imagine having a mix of experienced mentors teaching you their expertise packing decades of research testing and of course those tough lessons will dig into today into a concise curriculum each and every week. I'm Jay and I'm Johnny now. Not only we've been.

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