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On the new one zero one five fm seven twenty am k d w n got some more unlv stuff to get to also get some golden knights maybe some raiders as well but story in the las vegas sun this morning looking at when jessup they talked to win jessop oh okay what did the doctor jessop have the say well here's the headline former unlv president lynn jessop still believes power five move is inevitable that's you know that's good is it a good thing or is it just him saying yeah this is what i was working for the whole time they better get there i dragged him this far now he's putting the onus on them say hey i got you the first step up to you to finish it and if you don't finish it then your failure what's actually a little interesting is one of his quotes in here is i think we're not that far away so he's still using we in regards to unlv think he's officially started yet okay okay this the job july one terribly he's got a couple more days still he's still on the hook for you and i we till saturday but it's what's interesting is he's he doesn't think unlv's far away he thinks it's inevitable but then he also says they have to improve athletically academically and financially before they can be a serious candidate they're far away yeah i'm like oh well those are like all of the categories there is no like what category are you close in that now if you're still far away i mean just just take the athletic part the b to go into a power five conference what sports do you have that you can offer to power five conference that are a positive for that conference they're all they're all olympic sports men's soccer yeah the tennis programs i mean it's you know track now is getting really good it's all except your two biggies the unlv football and basketball neither one has had a winning record and mountain west conference play in four seasons it's been four seasons since unlv put out a basketball or football team that had a winning record in comcast by that's incredibly bad and if it's not the only it's not like power five conferences go around and say we're taking the teams that are the best in their conference this year but if you're gonna finish under five hundred in mountain west year after year and the two main sports what's going to happen like no conference is gonna look at that and say oh yeah bring him over you guys will be competitive then you've got to look at it from two conferences perspective what's the tv market for vegas area it's there well it's not it's not logan utah well but it's it's not bringing something to the table that you're gonna say we've got to have hosted a television yeah it's packaged market isn't really i wouldn't say it's a big negative but it's definitely now know that it's a negative a neutral thing for sir you know it's it's you know you make the you put the whiteboard up and you go pros and cons are pluses and minuses man you've got soccer tennis you've got golf swimming track those are all positive yup okay then you talk about the other thing academically well that's you know they're still recovering from unlv cutting programs out you know they're still trying to recover from that and then you've got monetarily looking at university's budget is what schools are getting after yearly television packages now granted if they were to join the big twelve that would help their budget would help them you don't want to win they wouldn't know what to do with this they would be like oh yeah let's get this let's get down ncaa violation because they'd be like do we pay the players now what are we supposed to do we do a we do a fuel win the smoothie building you know so that they can eat twenty four hours a day can we bring some chefs in the strip there's one last quote from jessop on here that i thought was interesting interviewed him he did a sit down with just like the editors of the so okay sickly mike grimala is the one who wrote this story about the athletic stuff but they i think they're going to have stuff.

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