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I think it's part of living here in south florida you know there's a great by down here you know there's a little bit uh oh gosh i don't know what you say you get coup points or things like down around here so i'm all for that and you know i'm just i'm more relaxed down there i mean you know it's it's a it's a place of uh where people for the most part earn joined life i mean we live in down here in the beautiful sunshine and palm trees and and i i mean it's paradise down here and everybody loves it loves living here and i do too so uh i don't know i just felt like what the heck just enjoy life and not worry about shave and every day coast what is it about being back at your alma mater that has you so much more relaxed well first of all i came back because you can win in miami i mean obviously he's been proven they've been five national championships at one time and a twenty year period and not that long ago so you know the place as key has history of winning you know there's a tremendous fertile recruiting ground right here where we live and um so those things we're very important but to just to know that i have my school i'm at the school that i got my business degree add that i played my ball out that i learned the other trade of being a coach really because i was under coach nellor burger and the miami dolphins system that he brought in here so it's just the fact that this is my school has grown so much in my heart uh after the fact after coming back um it's really been fun.

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