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Eisen show is on the air here. Top of hour number two. we've got Already a conversation with mike florio pro. Football talk in the books. Dan orlovsky is going to be joining us from. Espn to give his two cents in what we saw last night from mitchell trubisky in yesterday afternoon late afternoon from tom brady to quarterbacks that are coming off of losing sundays to say the least matt nagy just delivering quite a Soliloquy today in his presser talking about his group needing more personal pride and having some freaking respect self respect. I mean my gosh talk about you know delivering messages through the media and what that would actually mean so. We'll get that those sound bites prepared. Dan orlovsky going to be joining. Also talk about The lions firing near coach and matt patricia. And i know he has been a again. We came up with the phrase. Just the last hour standing for jim call as i did on twitter. And got hosed. I mean just lit up the came at you. Know who that's That's not that's definitely not a an understatement. Tj jefferson so He'll be joining us on that front before we do though. couple Items lost in our first hour conversation. Cleveland browns are and three. Let's just keep talking about the. Let's just keep talking about. It would prefer that probably right. Let's just keep talking about crazy. What was jarvis. Landry stat line. Yesterday juice was squeezed. Man and in the state of florida. Nick chubb doing his thing. That's it and baker mayfield. I don't think he threw an interception yesterday. Ditty you wanna look that one up. I don't think he did. And if he didn't that's That's four straight games in his career without first time for straight games in his career without an interception jarvis. Landry eight for one hundred forty three yards. What mayfield him in that game and that box score. I mean he was terrific. Cleveland browns rating free baker mayfield. Nine thousand nine hundred thousand nine two touchdowns zero interception sixteen passer and you're dressed again is As cam newton coming off a victory cam newton l. less than one hundred yards passing less than ten completions w. o. That's your your take on on is what you're wearing is that sarah's no actually went to a department store in los angeles yesterday you bought us out a ten dollar blanket and cut a hole in the neck is the closest i could come to that i can imagine. Camp did not go to a blanket store. Well that does look like cutting a rug from phrase the best i can do. I'm with brockman. I'm with chris. Brockman cutting a rug. Today you tj. And then before we get the dan. How about. Those dallas cowboys. We could skip this non-sustainable this is definitely can could just cowboy. It's like it never happened. I mean that was dreadful. That was truly an unacceptable thanksgiving performance. There's just i know hosts in those like this format. Talk about embarrassment disaster unacceptable. What some of the other words that we've heard shameful shameful. Right shame disgraceful. That's the one eight. come on. Beachfront property thanksgiving coming off of that win. In minnesota here comes washington football team town. Come on now come on now. Is the team at knocked. Your quarterback silly come on now and their offensive line. Got banged up. But zeke tomlin again fourth and inches your own side of the field where we can do and zeke fumbled. But he's still makes ninety million bucks back there that's why you got him off of the beach in mexico to pay all that money give it to him for crying out loud sneaking no. Let's be cute and throw it what. Don't even throw it. Amari cooper i what and then when your defense comes up with a pick. Six and great play by terry maclaurin. By the way. I mean it wasn't like decay metcalf in the whole length of the field but he didn't give up jalen. Smith got tackled and that costs four points. That was the difference as well after the pick. Six and a three and out. It's twenty two sixteen and your defense a on that three hundred forces upon and then you Punt yourself and you fake it. And i know jerry jones said that you know this was a maneuver because things were not going their way and they need to do something shakeup. I'm paraphrasing here. It was twenty sixteen and then the play in look when you go fake punt and it doesn't work. It's very rarely looks pretty. This was particularly ugly particularly ugly and then dalton throws a pick six to alignment. I ain't dreadful. Just absolutely positively awful and if they loo- e even if the eagles lose tonight is in last place and here. I thought that they had the best roster and they were gonna come off that winning minnesota went on thanksgiving. Take on a ravens team. That's definitely banged up and start getting some win behind their backs. This things i i mean. I don't see it. I don't see it at all. I see terrible coaching decisions. I see insignificant decisions become completely huge just like previous years and i see mistakes just terrible. Yeah there's going to be less. Nope i the only thing. I'll say i felt for you brother. He's giving you know having marcus paul. Pass away a few days ago previous to the game that i'm sure that kind of weighed on them. But you're right a lot of the mistakes that they made the old playcalls tribute appreciate you bringing that up. You're talking about the strength and conditioning coach. Who passed away And the manner in which he apparently had happened at the facilities. We know when he had to be taken to the hospital. It's terrible it's awful and You know and they they they were thinking of playing with the proverbial heavy hearts. We've all been there but it's two thousand sixteen and a fake punt was terrible idea. Yeah absolutely and made no sense to call it the way they called it in the play you know where from earn twenty four. You'd think you'd think when a gunner starts going behind her that something's up. I mean what sort of play call was that..

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