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A Cumulus station. This is southern Colorado's sports leader, Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Sports play. I'm Laura really week seven here in the college football season top twenty five scores. Currently six games in progress and will start down there in Baton Rouge death valley number thirteen LSU leading Georgia sixteen three the second secondary BULLDOGS trailing LSU with the ball inside the five yard line about three minutes to play in the third quarter job. Earl one yard TV snake for the Tigers out in the Pac twelve Washington and Oregon they are tied at seventeen that game. Also in the third it Happy Valley number eight Penn State leading Michigan state, fourteen seven down in the big twelve number nine, Texas over Baylor. Twenty three the ten that game. Also in the third horns Sam etlinger. Well, he left the game in the first quarter as a coat on his hand on the shoulder injury. He's been ruled out for the rest of the game shampoo. Shell has taken over for the longhorns down. In the AFC in the liberty bowl number ten UCF trailing. Memphis. It's thirty to twenty four was thirty two fourteen UCF with ten straight points. Durell Henderson one hundred eighty two yards rushing for the Tigers. Also, we'll keep it. We'll go to the twenty second ranked Texas. With an eight point lead over South Carolina's sixteen to eight early finals number three, Ohio State shut out in the second half. They beat Minnesota thirty two fourteen Dwayne Haskins four hundred twelve yards passing three cities in south bend. The Irish trying to avoid the trap set by pit. I down in San.

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