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And knives so we pioneered the workshop brand in two thousand six and came out with a chisel and would tool sharpener and that was really the the beginning of workshop and then we developed a flexible belt technology the sharpen knives in the sportsman's market that's when it really really took off we've been having a lot of fun you know well you wouldn't know this but we we were doing our cooking segments for the tv show the season and i was up at wall lake iwa with a speed harakiri he's the owner of a company called cookies barbecue sauce in he's in like twenty nine states i mean he's he he's in the barbecue hall of fame he's just when it comes to barbecue sauce he's the cats meow and we were talking about culinary knives and stuff and i was telling you about you guys and you know people think about work sharp and stuff you know not only for you know people that are on the job but our utility workers but you have a lot of folks that enjoy cooking and cutting up stuff in the kitchen weren't using your stuff too absolutely partner friend in pennsylvania as a competitive barbecue chefs and he's convinced that he's one ribbon based on how perfectly that brisket is sliced and presented to the judges he's adamant that a sharp nice's is really key to the cooking process you what's your number one selling item out there the original knife and tool sharpener our electric knife and tool sharpener is hands down our bestseller okay and i had an forgive me i forgot to ask us what's the difference between the original knife untold sharpener in the kenyan edition the kenyan edition has some expanded features adjustable speed variable angle wider selection of abrasive belts when when working with knife maker kenyan it made sense to work towards a more high end model with more features for folks who were true edge dusit but most for most people who just wanna sharp knife the original knife and tool sharpener sheriff in every knife in their house you know and then when we get into the scissors and the lawn and garden tools they just get really excited about the capability.

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