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An is sure oh what is an au i think it's nasal bones i'll go track okayand his fled naved go sakata right whatthe zia's psychomatic arch that's a bone inside your face yes what is wa why is in a know something interesting there is no body part or anatomical structure that actually starts with a why soi had to use an old term for the ilias a'moral ligament an used to be called the uae ligament site us with that widely gunmen like is cafe hey is for kidney and that dubbing do you see the k in the kidney there's kind of a k hidden like you k indicate any gang chemo what is gang jay is should june them that's part of your small intestine what's me fool external ear sure there it is that's my ear pat's blairmiami so you basically new trace i think i probably looked at a mere what's at a half is for me peak semeraro tip you'll joint that right gino it is no it's a really fancy word for your knee woahwhen aid scheme koehlerhugh is contract boris no quadraceps morris i'm gonna give you a maybe okay what is our our our is radio artery nelson artery in your arm the that eta they take your pulse when you go to the doctor signed your radio artery came in his care and alert maher stab seinfeldand career okayso what is a lake jarring pictures anson it's so much fun i feel like i am still a kid every single day but i'm also drawing some things that are really difficult to draw sometimes and i have to do a lot of research before i address.

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