President Trump, Senator Chuck Schumer, Russia discussed on 24 Hour News


By democratic representatives, including Carolyn Maloney, furious about the president's insistence on a border wall workers should not be held hostage. The shutdown now in its fourth week Roger stern ten ten wins on the Lower East Side. President Trump is still demanding the congress appropriate money to pay for his proposed border wall with Mexico and refuses to reopen the government until they do the president's close allies, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News Sunday that he has this advice for President Trump. I would urge him to open up the government for a short period of time like three weeks before he pulls the plug safe. We can get a deal if we can at the end of three weeks all bets are off saving and do it by himself through the emergency powers. Meanwhile, word of another consequence of the government shutdown. Senator Chuck Schumer explains that it's affecting the war on opioid addiction because the Drug Enforcement Administration is shuttered right now with the DA closed New Yorkers who need a critical anti opioid drug are locked out. And it's one of the best arrows to beat back the opioid skirt. When addicts those are dictated to opioids are given suboxone. They can gradually ease their way off. Schumer says doctors can't provide that and other life-saving drugs to treat opioid addiction without DA approval. But the DA is currently unreachable because of the government shutdown wins news time eleven oh. Four new allegations this weekend involving President Trump and an alleged cozy relationship with Russia. A new report claims that the president has gone out of his way to hide conversations. He's had with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, even confiscating is interpreters notes on their meeting in Hamburg Washington Post reporter, Greg Miller says there are no detailed records of the five personal meetings. President Trump has had with Putin, and he compares that to how former President Bill Clinton handled his interactions with Russia. You can go through the Clinton archive in read almost verbatim. Transcripts of his meetings with Boris Yeltsin Yeltsin, those just don't exist for Donald Trump because he's excluding people from in his own White House from seeing what's happening. President Trump though defended himself on Fox News and called the report insulting total hoax. Everybody knows it. And it's really a shame. Because it takes time and it takes effort. Everybody knows. There was no collusion whatsoever. They have found no collusion, and they won't find collusion. This all follows a startling New York Times report that said the president's behavior with Russia concerns, the FBI and led the agency to open a counter intelligence probe afraid he might have compromised national security, maybe without even realizing it that probe has since been folded into the work of Russia's special counsel, Robert Muller..

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