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Was It was kind of that thing where everybody told me I was crazy which I've heard a lot in my life but I said, no, we're really gonNA raise a bunch of money and I sent I said forty three messages to all the top CEO's that have anything to do with the restaurant industry? Coke Pepsi Know Vodka Uber. cargill you name it I, sent him a video individually and said, here's what's going on. We need some help. People jumped in and people helped at people gave them a bunch of money and we gave out over. Forty thousand. He got up to fifty, thousand, five, hundred dollar grants three five, hundred dollar grants to restaurant employs now zero. Six million people without jobs but at least fifty thousand people. Yeah, something. I've run into so many restaurant employees that have come up to me and said, I got I got the money. I, got the money. Thank you So it was It was an amazing program but like I'm saying everybody right now, I think the best way we can support our industry one is gone big. You know these these wrestlers, you only need it to delivery due to go. Use the delivery services or go oakdale There's you know now we couldn't because back it. So restaurants in Oakland. So you had the money and you wanted to help and there was nothing to do go to the fun. Now we're saying to folks please go to restaurants please go to restaurants gift certificates go to restaurants in by by. Somebody else meal go you know whatever but that's that's I think the best way to be the best way to help folks, right? Yeah. For sure. I agree man thanks and we when we sold these t shirts Cuban we ended up, we donated all the proceeds. It was about fourteen thousand we donated two guys relief fund back in in March we. Yeah and it's it's just been unit was bad. It was you were so awesome by the way. It wasn't for a lot of people that. They can get the money. It was about people being recognized and appreciated. Because the restaurant industry has always been there for us. You know it's always been there go for the celebrations, the good and the bad calibration for the champion you you get to your kids you go get you go him up for Gibson, your kid's soccer team all these things restaurant business always didn't their person. So he was a time when the industry really needed US and We have to go in helping people. Get check they felt the hug. The love they felt appreciation. So it was tough I live in Venice beach in part of the reason I live in. Venice beach is because I can walk to fifty amazing restaurants at any time and so to have those two months were to see the boards up and all that stuff it was really really bad and I love what they're doing now getting rid of street parking spaces and putting outdoor dining like they do in this town squares in Europe fabulous absolutely fabulous fuck the street parking this huge pay lots right there. Let people pay. You know what I mean who cares about street parking. Exactly. Thanks for having me man, you do your your man of the people and you you offer yourself to everybody in so many different ways and so when you asked, it was funny because my team in the weekly meetings said. Carshow car. What what do you got going on? You're busy you're. A good buddy of mine. He's a Cuban brother. He gets it and they say. They all kind of just go. But. I don't really know why do you do you do it so? you know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and thanks. Thanks for the invite and I'm down anytime. Let's talk. Yeah I'll I'll get I'll grab a Taikang from portion I'll come up to Santa Rosa and say what's up soon. Yeah. figure out how to figure out how you're gonNA fly yourself home. I'm man, that's our show chef guy fieri on the smoking tire podcast we're paying tribute to the Cuban Carl Ruiz today our late friend died one year ago today he was.

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