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Armored car to arm retiree YoM riccar had it thirty seven mome meter cannon that could shoot white phosphorus. So we had we could dispatch one hundred bullets and three seconds. If we all got at the same time. So we were armed the better in the Germans were was there a point maybe early on and your tour in Europe where it was should or be shot where this was. But my point is was that. A new feeling right there, you were trained as an engineer going to be in Chicago some day. And now you're this kid thrown into France, you have shot or killed anybody who and now you're about to do it. I wonder what that moment is like for a young. It's it would be. Entirely new for me because of one hundred and forty men in the troop, I was probably maybe half a dozen of from the city had had never done hunting from age ten like the other guys and the idea of just shooting a rifle at something was new entirely new. So it was it was just unexpected. But we were trained to do it to me we had training just finished the book, I told your son spearhead, which is about a World War Two US World War Two actually determines as well. But it was about what the tank battles like with tanks tankers. They call them men in the tax with the with the life of those tankers was like, and what you know, just how difficult for us to imagine that experience. Yeah. Be and afterwards. Words when when they were in their seventies or eighties. Some of those men were still dealing with the trauma of having to do that. And going back to the scene of the battles. Germany, and France was very therapeutic for them a long way asking the question was it difficult for you. When you came back stateside to get over what all you went through. And you're I probably retrospect. Yes. As may be at the time, I was simply lost and didn't understand why. But it took me until nineteen forty nine that is four years after I came home before I resolved to become an engineer and entered Illinois technology. I was lost for four years. Of course, I had gone to Roosevelt university, and I had ate lunch with Harold Washington. Roosevelt college. Yeah. But I was lost..

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