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The. He's things then answer. I created this seven step system. And i had some friends. Children come to the house comes. My flat. Small flato was renting and started experimenting every week. I think they would pay one pound or two pounds. And i slowly developed this program and then two thousand and five having had so many people are coming have classes he can. We have classes. I thought i need to start training. So i started my first franchise training in two thousand and five and now that sixty years ago. I think i've trained myself and now trained trainers I've trained over five thousand coaches in nearly fifty countries. That forty five thousand pounds has kept me in as an income for the last twenty one years and it's given other people many many people and income not certainly my stuff but also the coaches who have set up their own really successful businesses. Save now look back. I think forty five thousand pounds wolves a good investment. I don't own my own house. But it's i i don't own my house but i've made many many thousands of maybe even millie. Yeah probably millions because we have so yeah. Millions of homes more peaceful and set up. Feels good when you look at the seven steps. Does that mirror like the shaqra system or is that were did you. yeah now. this is really interesting because the seven steps are Okay why after. How many years am i still remember a move. Says they stopped often. They move around room. Get rid of all the extra energy. Then they play games. They play fun games then. Relaxing aims to bring them down than they stretch than they massage than they breathe than they say affirmations. And then they do. Visualizations now created the seven step system and then it was two his audit creating these seven steps. I was on a plane one day. And i just wish. I read a book about the chat. Chris i didn't know about jack chris before. Even though i had done an yoga as a child. I did not know about the chat. Chris and i was just home during s. You do when you're up in the air. How known this these seven steps. They followed the chat chris. The move is the grounding. The play is the sekou chakra which is creativity. The stretching is the balance the yellow the massages the heart chakra. The breathing is the throat. Chakra affirmations is that Said i and then the visualizations is the crown chakra and i. It was a bit of that moment when i was up in the ad thinking. Whoa now this is interesting but but we pretty much. I was joke about this. We keep kept safe all our chapel in the closet so to speak. Because i never wanted to eighty eight anybody from this lovely system that absolutely works and we know why it works because it's following on actual energy system but i want to any innate any Parents or teachers who may think ots based on some indian tradition. Because it absolutely wasn't it. It was a complete fluke that it it. It follows the chat. Chris hand on heart. It's if your ancestors actually like gave you that information without knowing the i mean if you really look. At the history of spirituality rate and if you believe in spirituality you were given that information to bring it out and put it out there without even having the education behind it. That's fascinating yet. Yes it was very very interesting. Yeah out the child. How were you introduced to yoga. And how were you introduced to the style of eating that you had. How did you stick with it as you were bullied as a child so It was it. Nineteen eighty so. I was about twelve and we went to india on a holiday so as i said before my father through indian. My mom is very white. She's very english. she was both on a foam. So has story is interesting. Bringing on indian back to parents. Navy twenty years older than her in the sixties. That would yeah so on. Simar story is that she got involved in starting to do meditation and yoga. Tactique training to the Teach training and sorry member. Buying there was one book for children. I think it's cooled. Lynn marshall's book yoga books. Children lynn marshall was like the green goddess of yogurt time and she will these lead. Todd's types that matching. And i just remember being so fascinated by this book this child in an all these positions and my sister and i would have new competitions. Keep this position the longest and then intense being bullied. I went to private school and You wanted out to have pat lynch's at this private school. You have to pay to have her expected lunches and they didn't have a vegetarian option and off. They did and i remember saying owner. Sorry vegetarian and they would just pick the me talk at remember. The time thinking. I'm vegetarian amend. We did get compensation to bring in pat lunch so instantly that setting you up to be alienated. You'll the only ones with a pack lunch so And i think yeah. It was lots of snidey comments about lentils and yoga and meditation and then our member. I think one point. Yeah i remember. One point. David ike moving from football. This is a hazy memory. In around ninety five. I think because i was in secondary school and And a friend said and he became spiritual and starts talking about spiritual things and the end of the world and things and they'd be going. Oh space david is your friend. I haven't even heard of him so yeah. All sorts of things like that came throughout primary and secondary school late primary and secondary. You can support beyond big offenses by subscribing to our patriarch page at petri on dot com slash beyond picket fences slash. Join for just five ninety nine per month you will support our mission to provide a platform for our community to share their stories. And you'll have access to bonus episodes. That aren't available to the public in addition to becoming a patriot. You can join the beyond picket fence community by liking our facebook page at bp fences. 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