Donald Trump, ABC, Ntsb discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


NTSB and coastguard heading the investigation looking into why the boat was even on the water. When a weather advisory had just been issued ABC's Emily row was there with the latest at a press conference Friday evening, NTSB member. Earl Wehner said it's still very early in the investigation working to interview the survivors and the witnesses. Together physical evidence particularly perishable evidence the issue of life jackets will be a primary focus of the, investigation Emily row ABC news Branson Missouri President Trump's attorney says they're not worried about that secretly recorded conversation. Obtained during an FBI. Search of attorney Michael Cohen's office the recording happening two months before the election Cohen reportedly recorded then candidate Trump talking about paying. The publisher of the National Enquirer for. An interview with playboy model Karen McDougal who claims she had an affair with Trump a decade earlier. More from ABC's KIRO. Phillips sources familiar with. The tape say Trump can be heard telling Cohen to make sure any payment is properly documented in order to have. A record of it but sources say the payment never happened Russia officials say President Vladimir Putin is ready to discuss a, possible visit. To Washington in the fall President Trump invited Putin Thursday that's raised concerns both Republicans and Democrats questioning Visit saying the administration has not disclosed what. Was discussed during the. Private summit in Helsinki. You're listening to ABC news NewsRadio time. To a slow speed chase of a tractor mower through. Downtown Denver injures. Two officers and synthesis back to the hospital DVD's Tyrone Campbell says it started around eight thirty pm..

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