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Miss too big games and he was basically visible those games so then he goes to the nfl. A surprised. the falcons pick any one of silla tainting drafts in kentucky that year in a in a draft or Announced egos smith. I was surprised there was a prize to see him. Picked up the waiver. wires And i am not surprise to see atlanta change direction with their new group on the offensive side of the ball. Because he's not a fit there my hope he gets another chance and i hope he gets to prove me wrong. I root for every player that It gets into the league gets an opportunity but seems like he's had some wonderful opportunities and they he's come away a little flat live. Yeah you know he has. And i'm i'm with you. I'm rooting for him for sure. And we'll see what happens as far as where he catches on going forward but this is a golden opportunity for maybe not harris. Maybe the maybe somebody else in this running back class to really grab a hold of a huge opportunity for fantasy purposes in that Falcons backfield to be a difference maker. Just right away as soon as twenty twenty one As long as i brought jay harris stop. And i know we got craig higgins coming up here in. Just one minute ladies and gentlemen before he gets him. I wanna talk about Ian rapoport reports about the alabama crimson tide Niger harris and davante smith. Now according to rappaport there are quote no concern about harris's ankle and he also said there's no concerns or no long term issues. I beg your pardon with the monterey. Smith's dislocated finger in which he tore ligaments. Now harris is ankle is not expected to affect where he gets elected in the twenty twenty one draft and harris. If you remember two thousand six hundred seventy yards along with fifty touchdowns in his last two years at alabama. He did not play in the senior bowl in january when he was recovering from this ankle injury that he actually injured when the crimson tide. Beat the buckeyes in the national championship. Game you'd like to think that if there is a running back going in the first round this year feral it's probably going to be non jay harris Davante smith certainly going to be a high first round draft choice as well. How do you view these players in regards to their injuries. Is that affecting the way that that you're drafting and dynasty leagues at this point right now Or is a kind of a non issue for you and much much ado about nothing. As far as harrison smith go. Well you know we trust in on this show. So we're we're this. We're going to listen to the rack. Report report to seize. he's right on top of everything. Yeah i'm gonna draft this player. Every time i get a chance i love with this flare brings.

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