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Honest, opinion. A former sheriff's deputy now charged for how he reacted to last year's high school shooting in parkland, Florida, Scott Peterson was the Broward County, Florida deputy assigned to Marjory, stoneman Douglas high. He is seen on security camera. Taking cover behind a neighboring building and not advancing into the structure where the shooting was. He's now, charged with child neglect. Culpable negligence and perjury. Peterson is being held on one hundred thousand dollars bond. His lawyer, says he's being scapegoated Peterson was also kept on the sheriff's payroll since the shooting, but yesterday was fired in Miami. Evan brown. Fox news. The nation's highest court declines to hear the appeal of a former police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed driver in South Carolina. Video was seen as use of excessive force, or mistreatment by police, then a rallying cry for organizations like black lives matter. Now, the supreme court has declined to hear the appeal of a former north Charleston South Carolina police officer sentenced to twenty years in federal prison. Michael Slater, pleaded guilty to violating the civil rights. Fifty year old Walter Scott, but his lawyers argued to the court that Slager was sentenced using the guidelines for second degree murder rather than voluntary manslaughter Slager. Unloaded five bullets into Scots back as the unarm motorist ran away from a traffic. Stop in two thousand fifteen murder charges against the former copper dropped this part of a plea deal Slater is serving his sentence in Colorado, Kevin battle Fox News business manager for Stanley is pleading not guilty to charges accusing him of elder abuse, Forty-three-year-old Kia Morgan, made his first quarter, today, the Justice, Robin saying, it will review to consent decrees reach with music, licensing companies ask cabin in one thousand in nineteen forty one, get up in the business of licensing music to online companies movie companies, commercials, bars and restaurants. And now the two organizations have required to license to anyone upon request with any pricing disputes settled by.

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