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That's all i say beer on chris norton's show here on the phil henry show i guess that's sort of redundancy but okay so we'll be right back on fill henry podcasts i'm chris norton of norton slowed entertainment and the new film that what coming out called rod rod mountain or ride the rot we we've had to change the name will tell you chris norton's broad mountain brought to you by chris norton's rod mountain movie what's that about came up with the name well that's not the name of my show saying that movie the name of movie i norton rod mountain that guy who just came in or do you work for phil no where'd you come from door was open i thought it just walk in you leave now man god damn man rod mountain is a film about dude who is on top rod mountain and the women try to climb rod mountain they say don't go up it's based on i'm so sorry that i even based base it on wolverton mountain because no one knows what that is and it's it's beyond it doesn't matter anymore it doesn't matter anymore but basically you know i've play rests ride and i live top rod mountain and women try to make their way up rod mountain by the burs bees and a big bears and the fossils a will all you know it's almost like a disney thing you know combined with us with assess film and i'm not trying to you know mess up disney because i know that's for kids and everything but if you magin like the burs bees the fossils the bear and in our movie of course spelled b a r e you know hey look down there there's some bear and the dudes are up we're up in the cabin you know in a hot tub in everybody's as spectating to look down a hill and see this bear bear.

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