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To jade jade said she got punched in the face on the subway for no reason why we probably reason she audience yeah they and then on her boyfriend gotten to fight for no reason they just walk up to you and your can they punch you in the faith doll they do now here they don't but yeah you might seem easy other jade i dad would always say i don't stand near the edge of the subways will push over onto the rails why would why would they wanna do that i don't want to find out first of all went to new york as an adult my dad gave me a fake wallet to take with me and he said you put this in your pocket you put your real wallet in your sock that way when the whole job not if when the whole job you give them a fake wall and you don't lose out your id muhdad said something similar it was never put all your money in one play yeah it separate have my dad has big on that one too but you know you're going to be find due to choose the the germs are gonna freak you out like doug not touching anything you're gloves right you're on subways i will gatherer lifestyle how are you gonna get from brooke lender will you take a cab walk if you if you don't use the subway you did not go to the us rate your yep i i thought about that said his route it's like not like not getting a slice of pizza exactly 'cause you're going to get a slice of pizza i did think about that it did do i need to go on the subway to feel like what's your can you know what i've okay with not going on the subway feeling like i didn't experience the arkansas i go i go see the statue of liberty no i go i go i go to our next game no nobody goes through a mix exactly forcing us it's out of the picture with a naked cowboy to get a slice of pizza peg what that new york water and i've experienced that all they gotta do get on subway to douala all of it i can't i'm going to get i'm not.

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