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Confuse people chose to do an accent, others did not people were fully ADR. I'm looking at you out Kilmer. What was that? Kids. I genuinely thought it was like a Norwegian actor. Yes. Because it was a different voice. That's Val Kilmer. But he was like our girls gore door to divert. What sounded like a less muffled bane? We'll we'll break down much J K Simmons. What's going on? This this food on. This was the surface. This was on that either via watch. On the surface. This movie prevents like this is going to be the next silence of the lambs. I mean, there's no doubt refund. We fucking did it both. We got Ness. Bo. On easy, produce months. Core. Sese supposed to direct dropped out. Smartest one in this time. We'll get to the the best performance in this movie. Snowman is it? Is that the two sided snowman because I thought that's not bad rain man was great. That's so mad. We'd loved that. So many check frost. Same snowman guy gets those party nails higher snowmen to do snowmen roles. All right. This movie in which Michael fast bender is the worst detective in history. This movie is a triumph of the villain. But for his inability to notice where to step on the ice. Perry. Not jason. Do have one boy everybody he with matai wins. No. No spoilers. I couldn't be more excited tonight. Introduce our guess, and they are from a hilarious show another podcast that they're just great. They're fantastic. Please welcome. The host of throwing shade Aaron Gibson, and Brian saffy give it up for that. On my television. Welcome. I feel like this is a classic inspector. Gadget penny situation. His way with his medal arms through something very serious at a woman on his side doing all the light. Also with edit every in this movie. Outsold stupid Leon moron morons. The worst detected failed the fucking guy who did let the right one in did really or Taylor seamstress all. Seamstress? Sure. Just do..

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