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Wall or being handed over unsold so that you could start to tap into the the rest of the companies in the economy as well provide incentives for maybe shares of companies to to go to to the place and after on them all different degrees of employees on ship that will be possible a great example of this in the us not long ago shabani the yogurt company you may not have heard of i don't if they have sales of a here but the was closely held privately owned not publicly traded and who is about to be on the public markets the owner allocated ten percent of the company to the employee so suddenly you've been working into bonnie you know getting your probably decent wage but suddenly you're an asset as well really interesting you start to create the political dynamics that would support the jaffa crecy into the future bit light while thatcher did with with council houses and stuff great joe thanks so much for joining us thank you very much for having me so what did you think i'm more convinced than was when took me wrong i've always loved the idea of cooperatives but you think of them as something a bit willy and hippyish side of the mainstream but it's just so interesting to me that the springing up like in laundry food i think that's what sort of very revelatory and it's not an a marginal pump the economy probably use this phrase before but also all the problems socialism's it takes too many evenings and you know i suppose that woori about two but it doesn't feel that it feels like you know list the way that you work because can be paid a better wage the profits can be fairly spread you can be more productive i mean you know i think it's pretty exciting cheerful appalled cost about ideas with ed miliband and jeff law do share your thoughts on what you've heard or if you have ideas for paper we took on future she can emails raisins at channel podcastone comb you can tweet his at chipper pocus of find his own facebook facebook don't come struck reasons to be cheerful podcast.

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