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How does that? How does that sit with the story? John Howard was telling me about destroyed identity at the Taiwan on and here comes the paradox. So while Howard is radically diversifying Australia's demography population in his rhetoric. He was breaking ability. Ready to talk about it. And after a century of nation building in the image of water. Strider we really didn't need to talk about it but how he didn't just say we need to ignore it. He said it wasn't even an issue. He's quoted once saying there's no need for the perpetual symposium on Australian identity. Because quite a I know what an Australian es and always will be. He wasn't talking about indigenous. Australians he had this view of Australian identity as it was sort of carved in Stein by San Rocks passed on down to us via Charles Bane and Donald Bradman and that was it the fifties version of Astrid identity. Was it no more change. Sometimes I if you catch him in a weak moment he'll admit he's narrow and that stuff but but that Pasta's pretty quickly and then he'll go back to what he's been noise hang about. It's a pretty much well. I can't speak to whether he has had any personal challenges of of attitude on these issues. But what I can say is that he was very successful in prosecuting effectively. Cultural is on on rice and identity and our across multiple collections. And he kind of scared my politics of talking about it. So we went from this period in the mid nineties of Hawking Katie talking about changing identity quite extensively ably to a period where we've had more than two decades of viewing it. It's a third rail Australian politics at skirting around it not wanting to tackle it head on the the semi he got elected. Pauline Hanson got elected to the federal parliament met her famous speech. Who made the speech where she talked about Australia? Being endangered being swamped by Asians from from talking to a friend of mine about that tons I remember that as being the year where they were abused on public transport spat on. The Times wasn't a good year was was it now. It's certainly one that had a big impact on on. May My family. I two colleagues in parliament. I never forget that. The words for us in Parliament House will soon be in the mouths of bullies in school yards around the country. You know what we do in in politics but we do empowerment house filters down throughout society and Pauline Hanson injected. Something really ugly into that that that discourse in the nineties and it has direct personal impact on tens of thousands of Australians. Interestingly we had relatives Singaporean. Is it safe for agents to walk down the street now Now that some some even had this idea and they had. She was Prime Minister of Australia. And somehow that she was running the country and we also found this in the in India after after Indian students had been attacked was feeling. That's not safer Indian people to be in Australia as well. There seems to be like a real quickness to believe exaggerated like like. You know there's racism here and there's violence here but this readiness in the region to see us in that light. What what do you think of that? Tim What do you make of that. It's interesting aspect to dozens of Asian shrines rotting this book to try and get their their their view on this. And one of the people are speaking to is Timpson upon Assan. Who as Foam Racial Discrimination Commissioner? And he's decided that the thing that would drive him crazy. Joe was people were constantly asking him as a stray arises this country and it's a bit of a nonsensical question in the United States other countries. Going around having that compensation like yes. They're absolutely very varieties of racism in Australia and they really serious issues on the other hand. There are a whole range of areas where we do better questions of rice than other countries do type like everything post out. It's become this sort of culture war about are we or are we not racist but the reality is far more complex follow nuance when the United States to migration amid public opinion polls what I tell us about. How straightens feel about this this intense wave of migration? We've had to Australia. That's it's legit population to Griping increase into change. The the the nature of Australia quite quite substantially while way of always on the verge of putting on the sackcloth sloth on issues of bryce astray attitudes to migration rice are actually really exceptional internationally. Scanlon Foundation on has been looking at social cohesion. The industry for more than a decade The gold standard in social attitudes research in this space and have never found a response from the public on attitudes to multiculturalism some lower than the kind of meat. ID's and this is through all of the the blaster of politics on this issue like Australia's nonplussed. They comfortable with this with multiculturalism awesome by lock it the other staff that I think really stands out. And this is the Hugh Institute Did an international survey on this and they asked people in all kinds ons countries around the world. What is important to being truly from your country? So what does it. What is important to being truly Australian and they asked this in lots of different countries and Australia's? Here's about the lowest response. She can get to the question of is it important to be born here to be truly astray like we like half of the response to the US on that question the US right migrant country. We think it's less important than the Americans thing straight here. Is it racist. I think the the follow question is compared to what I've been in Europe bracingly and Europe doesn't just have pulling Hanson. It's parliament they have people who actually become elected as prime minister all leaders of their country on the basis of of racist policies. That's that's that's just that's just happening in a great many places in Europe right now. So so why. Why do you think NCA- strata has this attitude where we seem according to polling to be less anxious about migration than other countries in the advanced economists? Yeah you're dead right when you when you compare support for extreme racist policies in politics We do a lot better particularly in Europe. You know like the the the kind of Nazi protests in strata getting. I might be one hundred couple hundred. Papal Max like usually the couple dozen in Europe pots. Jimmy these hundred thousand people at these rallies. It's radically different. That Viktor Orban in Hungary and you have another one Turkey and you have the president of the Czech Republic who got himself elect Donovan anti-muslim campaign when they're about fought Muslims living in the Czech Republic. That kind of thing. Yeah and scanlon. Sort of says that look. There are people at a very concerned concerned about migration and multicultural dentistry but it never gets much more than ten percent of the population. I think the problem that we do have in Australia. Is that the institutions of power. Our and our country is extremely unrepresentative. So when these groups flare up They get disproportionate attention because how institutions of power parliament and media aren't able to call them out for being unrepresentative. They know how unrepresentative gets to something called. The bamboo ceiling. How will represented are AH in positions of leadership in this country? Yeah so this is the bad news about the performance of multiculturalism. We're very successful multicultural. Society with monocultural institutions and our institutions are more monocultural than comparative countries like Canada. UK US at the moment depending on how you measure it somewhere between eight and fourteen percent obscenities trying population with Asian heritage which incidentally a lodge minority group in African Americans in the US for example but despite being fitting to forty percent of the community. Is it strange. Represent somewhere between two and three percent of singularity ship positions across at parliament APP. Business Public Service Universities at professions united. Nyman there's this this perpetuation of an idea of what it is to be a representative of Australia. Alita in style. That still stuck in the past that still frankly clearly see someone like me a white man and we've broken down some of that Iran gender. We've we've made progress over time. But it's a new compensation that we nate to have about diversity ethnic diversity and leadership in the ABC. We had Asian Australian woman as an engineer for for short short while had ABC been minute Including Asia Asian. Australians in senior leadership positions were better and worse so so one of the good things that the previous managing directed was actually start counting this and not just counting that in in leadership and canning in on air guests and and voices enabled on the platform all previous aimed very good sign. The matted right that did draw some change but he's decided the obviously is still has a way to go before it is genuinely representative of the population. Generally speaking is a strategy of gaining. Losing appeal is a place for Margaret's. That's a really interesting question. The Immigration Department was set up by Arthur. Cole will in this kind of popular idol parish. Tom So is set up with a nation Asian building function and it was very good at attracting people to come to Australia. And that's possible years. It was very good at building animation by bringing New People to issues unfortunately particularly since had we've lost track of that nation building function of immigration is. Try It's it's become a securitized debate. The focus is on how we keep people out. Not What what people do we want to bring in. What can they contribute to as society of time so it's a really good question about are we competitive as a source of migrants today? So it's a criminal act. Sovereignty indy sovereignty of our borders versus nation building or the two different imperative assessment necessarily against one another. But they they the two different imperatives day. Well I mean so you can look you can trust that through. The challenges of the name of the Immigration Department on the previous slide government called the Department of Immigration and citizenship an inclusive thing building astrid community building the body politic. It changed off Las China government to being the deployment immigration and Border Protection. And now we have these border forces a subset of that so you can can say that kind of inclusion this is excluding top rhetoric there but the reality is. We're going to have to work harder. If we want to attract the kind of migrants we've had of loss twenties because frankly klay the source countries that we attracted as markets from getting wealthier. They getting NAS applies to leave. It's not as obvious. You'd want to move from Singapore to Sydney now. Then it was forty years ago the healthy susceptible why we talk about national identity. Doesn't mirror the reality of national identities we have the strength and now we're having this conversation here now now you're in parliament this. These things should be spoken off. What's it like when you try to have these conversations with your fellow parliamentarians? I mean just putting all the parties aside for one moment I mean you talk to people from within your own body and people beyond it. Is there an appetite to have this conversation. Even to begin with that with a story when I bring being classes for my electric school kids took to palm in house. It's like my favorite pilot open. Get to show off the thing that I'm most passionate about like out democracy and I come here and see the way democracy works I get these kids from footscray and Sunshine and point. Cool people they places in Melbourne's West and before I speak to them I walked past a wall of the fight. I of all of our parliamentarians asylum have looked at the photos on the why along. Study them you know she guy pasta and I'm going to test you on and off. They will passed. I say to them those walls on the face on the walls do they look like our community even a five year old. Even Price Kid can understand. That parliament doesn't doesn't reflect at community. It doesn't look like at community so whether or not our political latest WanNa talk about it. It's an immutable truth. It's a fundamental reality if we want to reach. HFS potential as.

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