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Is the official millions. Podcast episode three. I'm really excited about this episode. Because we will have on the show Gloria Brown one of the one million dollar winner's and friend of Robyn Colombo. We'll also have some deleted scenes from the show and will also be able to answer some of your questions that you email then to us before we get any of that. Let's recap this week's episode episode three kicked off with Gloria Browne in two thousand and one getting pulled into a shamrock productions reunion of winners. We also learn more about Jerry Colombo and his expansion of this entire scam that included flight attendant Lee. Casado we talked about the Fuzzy Bunny and eventually the Church Fuzzy Bunny which really blew our minds absolutely unbelievable that that happened in real life and then the episode ended with a car crash. One of the things that we've talked about quite a bit was how to establish point of view to really use point of view to help us illustrate the challenges that each of these people in each whether the FBI whether it was a winner We're going through at the time and seen glorious story initially from the point of view of the FBI and then flipping it at the end of the episode to hear. Her point of view would really illustrate what she was going. Through in. What the F. B. I? Was going through when you watch her in front of the FBI line. I know personally when I first saw the footage you start to think. Oh my God. This person's lying there are criminal. Maybe they're still in jail. You don't really know. And then once we were able to meet her and understand that she ended up getting roped into something much larger than she ever expected. Yeah it was. It was pretty eye opening and we wanted to spend a great deal of time with her and to really understand what she was going through. Yes this case. Seems like it can be victimless crime. And there are very funny things that happened within it but also this is the national criminal case. That people's lives were changed forever by this and we wanted to show just how real all this can be the. Fbi doesn't focus on the personal background and decision making behind these criminals. Did you commit a crime? And how did you commit that crime? And the details of what? Gloria went through really have never been out there. This was something that many of the federal agents who have actually watched this episode. Have now come up to us and said we had no idea.

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