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You may be making extra efforts to stay healthy keeping your house clean can help Eric Bryan is the owner of precision Erin plumbing and says one of the most commonly neglected parts of home maintenance as it relates to clean air is us their error filter so the very basic would be starting with making sure that you're changing air filter on a monthly basis he says when filters aren't regularly changed it allows illnesses and infections to stay and grow in your home he suggests three times somebody's been sick in the home it would always be well advised to disinfect the home with Lysol things like that and then changing your air filters to make sure that any dust pollen any types of infections that are airborne you remove those Brian also says if you're trying to keep a healthy home keep humidity in your home low try to minimize the number of people and pets coming in and out and make sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed Taylor can wrap KTA our news for more on this story visit the health center KTAR dot com presented by there is an oncology back we go to the valley Chevy dealers traffic center here's detour Dan with east side freeway info but start of build up on the right times are a little bit have keypad the couple here and there and a scare anybody with that but yeah it's little by little things are building and I got a hunch here at seven thirty just like normal we're going to be in full grown lunch about every freeway now is certain to get close to that thirty minute fresh threshold for right time is starting with the north Bob one a one price slash Beamer that's now twenty eight minutes from the Santander worth up to Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard in the sixties right there behind it twenty six minutes signal built into the I ten nineteen minutes on the ten westbound signal beat to our should say the two of you sent in to the seventeen split and twelve minutes on the westbound to to read about freeway one a one price to the fifty one still got that wrecked downtown as well I. ten eastbound at Seventh Avenue and just getting word of a crash down at Ellsworth and cloud causing restrictions in the ways the traffic report brought to you by read about weight loss our room three is patented medication that works on areas like your belly hips and thighs attacking unhealthy fats and reshaping your body it's.

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