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Use network. Once again, here's your host, Eric D, N Randy Renner. All righty, Eric. Let's start with you. There's a lot of things going on with the university of Oklahoma. Yes. And. This afternoon. Cuyler Murray will become the seventh Heisman winner in university of Oklahoma history. I'm just going to go ahead and say it now I will be shocked if Carla Murray isn't the Heisman winner when all is said and done today. Randy. And this bothers me this bothers me because it took until the last week of the year for Cuyler Murray to end up winning the Heisman or the last week of the college football season. And the reason I say that isn't because I'm mad at voters for just figuring out. Now that Kyle Murray is the best player in college football and not to attack a by Loa. It upsets me because the Heisman is supposed to be about a body of work and what the Heisman Trophy has become is all about championship weekend. So honestly, the voters I have the least amount of problems with are the ones that turn their ballot in early because I kind of feel like they're saying this is an. Overall body of work, and even if they all voted for to attack by low. I don't have an issue with that. Because that's your opinion on who's best. But they're saying this is about an overall body of work, and I don't want one week to change be an honestly, look, I'll be completely transparent. I did that one year as a Heisman voter because I got tired of getting swayed by that last game of the year, and I ended up voting Colt McCoy number one win. Honestly, had I waited one more week probably would have been Dominic ensue. But. It's just that's the problem that we've got with this award right now is that it all boils down to this one week, and you can have maybe not an okay year and still win it in championship week. But you can certainly bolt yourself into contention. And I think we gotta remember what the spirit of this ward is award is about we've got to remember. It's a subjective award. And I also would encourage voters that if you're covering one particular conference, and you think somebody in that conference is deserving even if he's not getting the pub on ESPN, go ahead and vote your conscience because that's what this award is therefore, and we've made it something completely different. Well, I'm I'm on a different page with this. Then then you I mean, you're you're mentioning the body of work. We probably need to see that that last game championship game to finish out the body of work and in this day and age when everybody is emailing their vote or putting. Intellect chronically. I don't have. I don't have a problem at all with people not voting until all the championship games are done. Now, you already have in your mind that, hey, I'm voting for Colin Murray and to be fully transparent. If I had a Heisman vote it would be for Tyler Murray. I think he's been better than to attack of Ola and will Greer and Haskins whoever else you want to put in there. I don't have a problem with waiting waiting till the end, see all the games. I don't I don't necessarily have a problem. I guess I just don't like that one week swaying your vote, especially in to attack by Lois case, and I don't want to sound like an Alabama Homer year. But I'm going to is that he gets hurt in his game. And. But he got hurt. He wasn't playing particularly great though. But if you, but but if you're a voter and all year long you had him. And then all of a sudden you decided not to vote for him because he got hurt. I that's that's suspect to me. I if you're asking me, but just a little Heisman history. Grandy if you don't count oh four zero five when Matt liner and Reggie Bush it back to back. The last time we saw teammates when it back to back, or at least two different guys from the same school were doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis from army that was in one thousand nine hundred forty four and nineteen Forty-five if you don't count Archie Griffin's back to back years than prior to doc Blanchard in Glenn Davis. It was Larry Kelly and Clinton Frank of that powerhouse Yale. What it back to back? And I'm just you know, I will admit throughout the year. Maybe once twice five six times when I've walked out of a no you. Press conference. I've scouted the land to see where they would put Baker Mayfield and Cuyler Murray statues. I may I may have done that may or may have had some may may may have tried to figure out where they were gonna put them because I was completely convinced that by the time that it all always said and done Cuyler Murray was gonna win. And I look I give a Keiler Murray made the most boss move this week when he found out and how where he was when he found out that he was Heisman nominated so one just listen to how humble this kid is and how somewhat overwhelmed he is by being named the Heisman finalists. But listen at the end to find out where Kyle Murray was when he found out. Yes..

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