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Yeah that's crazy like the third person that said that no but honestly like i was upset i thought just the characters were so incredibly perfectly written the one criticism my head is i thought the most two dimensional character was belinda. Who is the manager. I thought that her dial. I just wasn't impressed with her dialogue and i wonder whether it has to do with the fact that mike white is a white guy. And he's i guess bisexual. I believe and so to me like he his sort of like sassy gay thing was speaking through the to jen's ears sydney sweeney and her friend. And that's why they're dialogue was so funny and sassy and queen. Obviously there's like the gay manager of the hotel than the jennifer coolidge very campy and like over the top and i just thought like he missed the mark on belinda. I wonder if it's just because it was like his conception of what a black woman working at this resort would think and talk like and i just found it a little. I thought the writing was so good. In general i wanted more from that character. That might be true. I'm not like i personally just was watching it to enjoy this show on have not picked it apart in the same way that everybody else is doing online. India however i do her character was just kinda like in contrast to everyone else like the consummate professional area. That's one way to look at it. But i just felt like all the white characters were so fully formed. And so three dimensional. And i way like got his athlete now who trends. We're friends gino cured his kp. You told me yeah. He is On my god his putney for that this like the sweetest no that it wasn't his but it was frat guys but knee. Oh no the frat guy. I think not body shame but honestly could've used a double like found it flat and not appealing. I'm sorry everything. That is unrealistic. I think if the show did anything right it was depicting a white man's us in a half true. I saw a lot of myself in jennifer coolidge character and in i was actually upset about the writer. Character which writer character the fiance alessandra dario or whatever. Her name is they. They ended up together in the end. No that's what casey thought to know. They just ended up hugging and being like it didn't work out but they like yes. They did not end up together. She did not end up with him. But anyway i here's what i thought. I just thought that it was. I don't know like it's very rare that there's a show that makes me think and makes me like have debates with friends and i thought that it was really smart. I read a little bit of the mike white. Who is the creator of the show of the profile in the new yorker about mike and it was talking about basically. He was the creator of the show enlightened which was a very short lived but critically acclaimed show on. Hbo that they cancelled. He felt very like screwed over by. Hbo and then during quarantine hbo called him and he thinks it just because he's a really fast writer and they're like we really need content and so he had a house in maui for while he came up with this idea they actually shot in the four seasons because it was still at that point closed dudakovic.

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