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Gazette will be my guest in less than 20 minutes to preview The Broncos game. I got a little on the Broncos as well here coming up during what's driving the show, But George will be up. And, uh, I guess he's got a new podcast as well where he's talking. Broncos, So we'll talk about that as well. Um Why segment talking about bets with the NFL season here? This is the most magical time for me when it comes to bedding love, betting the NFL Getting more into betting college football this year as well. I have been given advice that I have been urged to heed. From a couple of different places. First of all, Albert says, Well, I agree with you that Air Force is a good bet. Be careful when service academies clash. I'm staying away, staying away from the Buffs. Also, my head says Texas A and M Is going to smash them. Well, I I took Texas A and M So I'm not betting on the Buffs. I'm betting on Texas A and M I just think that this game will be I believe that it won't be a laugher. But I think Texas A and M pulls away and I think they cover so I'm not betting on the book. And I understand Service Academy games. I understand throughout the records, all that kind of stuff. Air force is so much better than Navy so much better, and they're only laying 5.5. I know. I know Service Academy games, I get it. It's only 5.5 points. I think Air force can do it. Ah Oh, Aaron says, Take the Raiders at home, especially when the Ravens don't have a running back. Yes. So is it going to be this? Taiwan Jones guy and drafted Levian Bell is in the mix there. Uh um I think Devante Freeman showing up the TVs, Murray Oof! Not a lot of running backs on the market. I'm guessing You go Levy in and I heard some comments last night It was through one of the ESPN reporters. That was reporting from the Ravens facility about God said words, and Marcus Peters tearing their A CLS yesterday and He Apparently talked to Levian Bell and Levian was talking about how Things didn't go well. They didn't use them right in Kansas City and in Tampa and Or is that where he went? Remember? But he's saying He's still in his prime and all this kind of stuff, all right. It's a Bolivian says. But if you agree with Aaron, you probably want to go now, right because the lines got and move towards the Raiders. It's moved to half a point from where it was. It opened at Raiders plus 4.5, and it's only now at Raiders plus four It is calling out to me. And then the full stadium. The so was when they when they played there with no fans. Is that considered a soft opening? To that stadium and now is the grand opening. Yeah, it's calling to me. It's calling to me and I should get out and on it now, because I think that a lot of Money is going to go on the Raiders. But as Dave Mason said, when he joined us last hour You know, it's the Sharps. It's the Sharps that move the line, not the public money, so public money is probably going to pour in on the Raiders. With all of these injuries to the Ravens. But the lines barely moving because the Sharps aren't Aren't biting. But I'm the public. I'm the public money. I think the Raiders will be There, Aaron said. Harbaugh said Let me in is not game ready yet. That is an evergreen tweet. Levian will not be game ready. Yeah, I know it's going to be this undrafted kid. That's who they're going to throw out there. But I was talking to somebody earlier today. I said, you know who's going to get the carries. You know everyone's worry, and I think this is part of the reason why the line is holding where it is. Everyone's like who's going to get the carries. Now that Gus Edwards at J. K. Dobbins is up, you know who's going to get the carries. Lamar Jackson is going to get the carries. Gus Edwards or this undrafted kid or Levian Bell or Latavius Murray or Devonta Freeman. It's going to be Lamar. And Lamar will be just as effective as ever. So I think that's why you don't see any real movement on the line is because it's just going to I mean, from a fantasy perspective, you want to know? But who's going to get The carries with all the rash of injuries to the running backs. Lamar is And his I don't think Isn't it? Always the more carries the better for Lamar Jackson. I guess you don't want to put your quarterback even a running one in that position to potentially get hurt, But When Lamar Jackson runs the football. Good things happen for the Ravens, and I think that's who especially this week, especially Monday night. Lamar Jackson is going to get those carry. So if you gobbled up one of those Ravens.

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