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I'm actually surprised that doesn't happen more often because at the end of it when we're talking about our job because that's what that is for these NBA players. It's their job. Your goal is to make enough money so you can retire young. You're right. And when people retire at thirty five thirty six that's junk compare to the rest of the world. I mean my dad is going to be fifty soda, and he's still working. He got no plans to retirement. So same I plan on doing this like, even cultural trust me. Blue is going to be here. But it's this weird that you know making millions of dollars. And I know most of these people. To do it because they love the game. But the same time is more of a job at the end of the day came out like last year and said he doesn't wanna play thirty five. Exactly. Yeah. I think it's a Romana carry, but saying he want to retire when he's like thirty two. So this next, the vast, and quite honestly are cana- half. We believe it when you hear carrier because he so all over the place so pass about other things other than basketball he is. And what he also flipflops allot getting into carry Irvine. I'm gonna just come on and say this right now. I think Harry urban is next year is going to have the year. We thought it was going to have this year. I think the criticism, I think his his his moments of poor leadership. It just reflected on a whole Boston situation, and how he acted when leave in Cleveland, I think, don't take all of that reflect and come back and have a very strong year now of course, the height of the that season depends on where he goes. Yeah. Who is playing with and things like that. But in a sense of actually playing and compete, and I think we're gonna see a much better year. And I'm not I'm not really. I'm not really. So the career of and it's just like disappointed guy. I'm continue to say it. I think that Boston situation was very, very weird for all of them involved. And I kinda give all of them a past include Brad Stevens. I know a lot of people was kind of, like we were looking at him as one hundred top coaches, which was crazy. You know, I'm not saying he was ever like Gregg Popovich, even people was prematurely saying that, but I'm also not going to pretend like he just ain't shit. No more. In the same thing with other players. You think Jason Tatum abounds back? I think is good. Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum. Can now be the focal point of it. You know, also lead into another topic on here, Kemba Walker. So funny is I n and Horford is gone. So I think Robin Williams, a young sitter that the draft last year can give more opportunity. And I think they just on on pace to have, you know, a better situation without Korean carry having a better solution without them. I always wanted this question, and I may have posed this question the all before. But as the okay we're gonna say different perspectives as a fan at attain. Let's say you're a fan of the Boston Celtics. They signed Kemba Walker. Right. That's. Is not a championship. Same there. Their playoff same. Right. They'll probably a four or five seats Beijing what they weren't here. You just basically subsitute, and Al Horford and Kyrie for Kemba that does probably doesn't equal more wins as a fan. Does that make you happy just to be a good team? But maybe not a great team is to type of famous is the fan doesn't understand that the viewpoint that you just gave. And then there's the the fan that's really in it. That knows. Yes. A big name. But does it equal to more one year? So as the fan that's like I guess, is a cat fan who would probably know how will we lost career, but we do we got another all-star bag AA, but I, I want to be happy because I know it doesn't equal to the win thing. So let's say for an office in your front office guy. Oh, we got Kemba Walker. We've got another guard that we can put up on the stand. You see Kimball walk jerseys..

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