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Vermont senator saying he's feeling much better after suffering a heart attack America's news. news time seven oh two good morning I'm Robert wood carving Austin's news a father and his two children were injured in an apartment fire overnight it happened in eighty three twelve north interstate thirty five at the woodland heights apartments the two children suffered smoke inhalation and the father had some burns and cuts from breaking out a window to escape the fire with his children the cause of that fire was unattended cooking the Austin fire department says there were no working smoke detectors in the apartment at the time of the fire Austin is seeing more furniture under overpasses and bridges following the homeless ordinance change Austin police chief prime Manley says they will be working to remove those items as they can turn into health hazards Amy price with front steps was runs the arch says that furniture didn't just land under a bridge if we're going to talk about the unsightly nous of these in camp men let's put a goodly share of the responsibility on either well intentioned people or lazy people John calling his radio kale the J. B. six Texas counties hardest hit by tropical storm a mildew knowledgeable for federal relief governor addicts appeal on Tuesday for federal disaster relief for chambers Heris Jefferson liberty Montgomery in orange county's has been approved by the trump administration haven't made the appeal saying the state and local governments were not capable of any further relief in a statement thank the fed's hang the collaboration will insure communities in the Gulf coast region are equipped with the resources they need to recover as quickly as possible at the capitol Chris fox news radio K. L. B. J..

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