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He's got to watch I think he slips up on. It was the thought that what he said like I spoke. Russian Oh so you're an asset for sure. We're rushing asset of. Laid million percents. that. Are you know he went into? Like one of those types of schools that like didn't offer like your standard, Spanish or French. It's like you can also take Russian. You can take cutic- form. You can take Mandarin. Army Mike. Purwanto. Esperanto. What what language did you take Japanese? Oh Wow you speak Japanese. Our. Fan. Talian. A little bit better, five years versus one year, so I better but. I can read. I can read Japanese which is. A big help. Help Yeah so when I and my dad and I did like a father daughter trip to Japan and that made a big difference in terms of figuring out where we were first time, emily and I went to Japan. That was such lofty thing with the first time we. Flex a we went with two friends when who could speak Japanese. One Who could read Japanese, and that was awesome, because find like to assets. Popol. Japanese into. Eight Japanese very well. With that, we went the second flex, I learned what the symbol for edges! Yes An. Able to memorize able record labels and then. After the fact that I had ingested eggs. Sometimes it is, it is, it is to continue the flexing emily. I.

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