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Cake from great American cookies. In the meantime, let's talk about what's going on right now, because it's exciting. This is open enrollment. You going? That's exciting will it is when you're dealing with the insurance source. Robin Table Robin Templeton with us this morning and Robin. You've been getting calls from all sorts of folks and you've been able to help him out. And I think a lot of cases say the money or at least make them aware of benefits. They didn't know they had. And then I could remember. How are you? I'm great today. Sounds like you are too I am has been a good look. We're gonna finish it out strong. I've had a lot of people coming in those. Do you have to have crime here? Everyone and help them out and send them to many. Good. Good. Good to hear. What are folks most curious about right now? That their Medicare supplement for the big thing right now your Medicare managers around everywhere for next year. If you like it, you could keep it. Especially with that. Nothing. Some of the others. Their plans are changing and them somewhere. I want to take a look at him. But you're in the plans Do you read over there was learning whatever they have in their head in the Plains. They didn't know they had cool Medicare supplement because the regular crisis we've been able to say quite a bit of money. Yeah, And I think that's that's you know, the two things that we mentioned coming in. Here's one is knowing the benefits that you have a lot of people. Just quite honestly, They know the basics. They know they're covered if they need to go to the doctor, But beyond that, they're not aware that there may be other things that could take advantage of it. If you don't use it all the time. You forget what you have right now. So you get complacent in. Yeah. Okay. I need to go to doctors and I have a cocaine. See my doctor? Yeah. I need a specialist, even keeping for my diabetes and stuff. You hear that a lot? Well, they don't realize is all the other stuff inside their plan,.

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