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What for how you've been wronged because ancestors of yours died with your last name McCoy, I'm guessing over one hundred years before you were born you forgive people who kill them who also died in all likelihood over one hundred years before you report the feud was over in eighteen ninety one hundred twenty eight years ago. I just it's always annoyed me when people try to glommed onto tragedy that I don't feel. They have any ownership in right like like nine eleven terrible tragedy. But there was people who I feel like went way out of their way to get a tension for themselves when they weren't real related to anybody who died they weren't related to anybody who is related to somebody who died didn't know anybody who. Known anybody who knew somebody that died, and it just felt like like look at me. Look, how sad I am look at how much of a caring person. I am. Yeah. I just never be close friends with somebody that melodramatic. What's what's going on Brooklyn? Why are you crying? Why are you set? I am. So. That. I just I read I just read about the black plague. Very tree in some of my grandparents died horrible deaths every day. They your your grandparents died in the black plague. My great, great, great, great grey, laid fifty more Greg Graham. Yeah. I'm gonna grab my shit now and fucking leave and never talk to you yet have a nice life drama Queen eight percent of the posts on this thread are of someone leading the rest of the commenters know that they are either related to the Hatfield mccoys. Just a lot of comments of I'm Hatfield, I'm McCoy, which is why I think Chris official wins the section of today of the internet today when they post simply I'm not related played Chris if you see it in the in the threat, it's so great. It's like twenty comments just like, I'm really to this. And finally someone's like, I'm not related. I don't think I'm related either. And that's enough for today's. It's the internet. Okay. So turns out and learn much and say, it's the internet examination. Maybe we should had paisley back in today. Maybe he could have added his insight. I did learn that, you know, I do really think it's ridiculous. When you when you weep over shit that happened to people who you never knew who died long ago. Maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong that way, maybe I'm just a cold blooded monster. It's possible. I have been accused many times over the course of my life of not being empathetic enough to people through. I did joke longtime ago about how I could never be a counselor. You know, which was supposed to be pass. Just because I'm not. I can't entertain people's, you know, winding like some people can't it comes across some people. Complain of their problems comes across to me like shut the fuck up suck it up Bill chuckles, and since I can't think of any additional lessons. Let's look back again on the ones we did. Learn today have some fun with some silly new info in today's top five takeaways. Time away. Number one, the two instigators of this feud were Deva lands Hatfield, and Randall McCoy patriarchs of the Hatfield mccoys families and ironically, both would famous feud. They started number two random coil it the long life of misery. He lived at the age of eighty eight south five kids die in the feud. Saw his wife beaten nearly to death Deva Lance head field to me is undeniably, the winner of this feud. Yes, his nephew would hang his brother murdered and other relatives would be sent to prison, but none of Suns with die in the feud eleven of thirteen kids would outlive him. Even though he lived to be eighty one ten years before he died, two kids Thirty-three-year-old allies. Thirty one year old Troy would die in a gunfight, of course, in the gummy West Virginia nine hundred eleven killing the man shooting both of them over a disagreement about whom got over who got to sell liquor to whom Gumri the half brothers. Leisurely? Started the fight fire. Still fire running those Hatfield hog folk veins number three..

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