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Damn it just think the euro could being a one point game if a got right where like strip that guy of the ball on the interception. They don't get those three points could be down to right now. So this game is still very much in the balance And then patriots again settled for another field goal even though they get inside the fifteen from the nine geico field yep actually on the fourth the delay of game and then kicked it from the nine right exactly but then indianapolis. They're only three and out there only punt of the game. So you kinda like okay. We're we're maybe that i drive may fluke. That's great. maybe this defense is is ready to to hold again and then new england just starts running the ball like antoine smith in this game. I think we said it to last game or maybe it was like the last game of the season against the the bills were they. They ran down the throat and he looked like he was running like it was two thousand one again. Same in this guy saving his legs or something. This shit fields. It must be of line but this this offensive line play i could. I could've ran for seven five. Came for sure. Yeah and that's that's but that's with being tackled by the first touch you like the the off of day or even mentioned it somewhere might have actually been right around here on some of these. Big antoine smith runs where competition is talking about. How the patriots offensive lineman were high fiving after the play because they had blocked it so well fill. Good common commentary zinc. It's never good when the offensive line's five exactly. Yeah it was funny. Wasn't it andy did you it. Did it make you giggle. No fucking hated it. Yeah based in women to runs who earned from our thirty to thirty just back. Toback anton gaping to draw. Yeah tractor trailer. So they kick another field goal right from the free from the three yard line kick from the three yard line. Yeah just like any of these turns touchdowns move game is a absolute blowouts. Exactly what i'm talking about. Oh anton smith twenty two carries hundred yards even nice day on the ground. I'll statue myself. Yeah so so. The patriots have answered that touchdown with two long drives but six points. So now we're up. Twenty one seven and colts get the ball back again and greg. You wanna walk through this dr plays. He hasn't thrown his required interception for every quarter..

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