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The lake at a lotta people saw that in he had a couple of people witnesses jumping trying to get that driver and the passenger out of the car they were able to do that takes rescue both the passenger and the driver both of those men were taken to the hospital and one of them died at the hospital one of them though is expected to make a full recovery and survive but then one of those good samaritans is missing so we talk to the family of the good samaritan his name is frank williams accordion family members they say that he's just an incredible guy and they were not surprised that he was the one to jump into the lake frank williams recalled off due to foul weather they're going to resume about haunt a daiwa today other chop stories today why embassy move reuss causing an international uproar cbs news update president trump is attracting attention around the world ahead of today's expec that announcement on a plan to move the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem the bbc's your london alleys in the holy city hans delivering on a campaign pledge that he made to move the embassy and to give this recognition to jerusalem israelis we'll see that us correcting an historic injustice but the palestinian president mahmoud a bus when he spoke to mr trump overnight he told him this could have dangerous consequences as did other arab leaders former ambassador to israel daniel kurtzer to recruit couldn't report during a preparing it for everybody uh the friend and and the foa like least warning president trump's announcement clyde caused violent protests the pope is making a call to maintain the status quo to avoid further conflict cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez louisiana's secretary of state tom shutler says they are walking at replacing the voting machines shutler shas tampering with the current machines is remote he says a new system would further decrease the chances of any tampering he's a waiting for approval from the division of administration if approved the new touchscreen system would provide better confirmation for voters produce after you vote on the screen aircrew paper ballot have which showed oh you exactly how you vote and he thinks would just be a better system all the way around a new study shows a spike in teenage suicides after they lost their electronic devices such as phones tablets or computers and that happened shortly before they.

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