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While yet very good season do we care about the at how about this i've against the largest read year the nl okay thank you because there are know beginning people around it off all the nl enough now that i in the nfl it's paul gold shrivel the diamondbacks once again giancarlo stand and joey votto the red who are out there you go one of those teams red john i was gonna say that's not exactly an exemplary group of teams that have the candidates therefore the national league most valuable player i do believe paul goldsmith diamondbacks were the alone playoff representative of the bus which makes me think did they it's either goldschmidt or stanton gold terrific new year's eve put a good numbers on a good team it stand because he went on an unbelievable run where he ended up did get to sixty i don't remember benazir bhutto they're gonna give it of auto because really because almost like the citizen shipu award here i mean you look at those three guys and while they all had very good seasons and it does not a shot at either goldschmidt or stanton but joey votto oz very well liked within major league baseball he had that incident i shouldn't say incident that surround where earlier this year i do believe he basically gave every piece of clothing he owns two they are a young fans sitting behind home plate very humanitarian of him so i think when push comes to shove there they'll air on the side of humanity rather than mystics so i would say give it to joey votto why not hollow alternates probably the most deserving of though i can argue really with them any of them getting it yeah vodno hit three twenty metal work thirty six bombs 100 rabies and walked off 100 in thirty four time very fundamentally sound joseph of auto the.

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