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Crews responding this morning to a two alarm fire along east broad street near the Franklin park conservatory. It's an apartment building in the area. Now, we're yet on the cause. Or if there are any injuries can fire in the fourteen hundred block of east broad man who died in a plane crash in Union County. Sunday, wasn't experienced air force pilot. Matthew Hayden Avera Verizon die when a small engine. Cessna went down and snowy conditions near US forty two over the weekend. He was on his way from Dayton to Delaware, Ohio when it happened. The FAA continues to investigate exactly what caused the crash new information on the discipline of a former teacher and coach at a high school's been released. ABC six is Brian Magic's is Greg Lee was convicted and sentenced to twenty one years in prison for producing child pornography with the student an investigative hearing from November twenty two one allegation against Lee says apparent indicated that he observed coach Lee rubbing been gay on the girls legs. The paranoia said coach Lee had remarked that the girls bodies were becoming pretty and that they should realize how boys react to them. There was not enough evidence at the time to fire, Greg Lee. Instead the school district attorney says Lee disciplined for the action school leaders knew at the time. Jessica philmont as the attorney for Dublin city schools. The district is now facing a lawsuit from the family of the victim of this criminal activity, Ohio attorney, general Dave ios, taking legal action against pharmacy benefit managers. He goes says Optum are ex over billed the state to the tune of sixteen million dollars. Ultimately, we're going to see I think a more transparent marketplace and a fairer treatment for our patients up. Tomorrow have been under contract to help the bureau of worker's compensation helped manage costs Llosa's companies instead siphoning the money away from the fund meant to protect injured workers the deaths of three people in Nebraska blamed on the flooding in the midwest and the Missouri rivers hit record levels in some areas. Now residents in Missouri, and Kansas are bracing for similar flooding. Emergency management director in Holt county in northwestern, Missouri says floodwaters are up to seven feet in many homes, while his own home is now on an island cut off by floodwaters farmers are only a month away from planning for corn and soybeans Amtrak service between Kansas City and. Saint Louis is delayed by up to five hours at times, the Missouri river in Saint Joseph Missouri, north of Kansas City is expected to crest on Thursday at his third highest level on record military C one thirty planes have been evacuated from nearby rosecrans Air National Guard base Kent Martin ABC news, Saint Louis another Hollywood executives out of a job because of a sex investigation. Kevin sukey Horace stepping down as a head. Of Warner Brothers chairman and CEO is facing allegations. He traded influence for sex with an actress ghouls expected to announce a streaming video game service today, the aim is to allow people to stream games wherever they are. Whether it's with their phone, smart, TV or a computer. There's also a rumor about a console that's been code-named yeti. But so far Google is keeping things quiet until today's announcement at the game developer conference in San Francisco, so far there's no.

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