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Hello, Mr. and MRs America and all those ships at sea. Mike O palca city in for my friend joepags on this. Good friday. Hope you're hidden into a great weekend. Hope you're going to spend it with friends and family on Easter. Or maybe you're going to pass over Seder because eastern Passover kind of running into each other this year. Maybe we should just call the weekend east over sure why not. Anyway, we're we're taking your nominations for the best Easter movies ever. And we've had a lot of nominations a lot of votes for things. Like, Ben her passion of the Christ one vote for the greatest story ever told which by the way, I remember that one Charlton Heston had a head a role in that one to Charlton Heston played I think he played Kaya effects, the high priest KYW of that one if memory serves, and I gotta go back and remember who Jesus was because that's got to be a daunting task to get cast is, geez. That's. Just amazing stuff. So vote for years, the greatest story ever told getting some votes. Let's see I think of maximum sido. That's who it was eventually the synapses fire up, and you remember who is in the movies before we went away we were talking about Norman or Jimmy Kimmel teaming up to reboot for one day in one day only on ABC all in the family and the jeffersons. And we watched on the family as a family, and you can put it on TV today. You couldn't put Sanford and son on TV today. Fred Sanford used to use the N word all the time you'd have to severely change those TV shows from the seventies that were massive hits because the political correctness that is swarming our country right now. So I wonder what Norman Lear is going to do. I wonder I wonder if they're going to bring back the original opening to remember, it is what sounded like from television.

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