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And Seattle to federal way twenty two minutes your next port is on the way at four fifty four Jake looks komo news thanks Jane taking a look at the como eco roof forecast for today sunshine with the daytime high of seventy seven degrees below sixty six degrees for tonight and for tomorrow showers and sixty three lingering showers on Sunday well they afternoon high of sixty four degrees early outside the studios of commoners in downtown Seattle clear skies in sixty two stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven good morning college time is four forty five Americans in the co more twenty four seven news center here's some of our top headlines tensions between the trump administration and China are growing the administration may soon expel thousands of Chinese graduate students and impose other sanctions against Chinese officials president trump says he intends to make the announcement about China today officials say the state has recovered three hundred million dollars paid to criminals use stolen personal information to file fraudulent unemployment benefit claims the initial recovery was a result of the state's cooperation with federal law enforcement and financial institutions and sports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is hopeful the coaches will be able to return to the team facilities by next week.

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