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Win as did but not will help them out of other people help amount though and i gotta tell you to edit and and i appreciate your call i was baffled but i shouldn't be because i toe i talked about it all week long the match up that i loved the match up that i loved was steve sarkisian going up against jim schwarz's defense chimps schwarz had it was major check marked for schwartz sir keesey and hasn't been he wasn't good all year long and i said it earlier in the week and people were given me grief a battle i was on a podcast with elliott short parks one of the beat riders for the philadelphia eagles does a fantastic job and i said steve sarkissian he took it alley eight eight and he turned it into a dodge caravan he inherited the best offense that the nfl head and the seventh best offense in point scored that the nfl it ever seen and he turned it into a minivan in the carpool lane picking up kids at school i loved the match up i didn't think sir keys in wins that match up steve saarc he's ian jim schwartz is playing chess as the defensive coordinator and honestly steve star keesey in his struggling at connect four each just it's just been there all year kyle shanahan who everybody couldn't wait to run out of atlanta couldn't wait to run them out he's a bobbies and '80s stupid yeah look at what he did with jimmy garoppolo look what he did last year with matt ryan and look at him calling it offense and creating game plans and being anticipatory in a game compared to what you saw was cease or keys in yesterday i have no idea i i think that you have to have in coleman who by the way all day long yesterday was a guy that was a thorn in the side of that eagles defense having in common was the hardest sky for them to cover i talked about that all week long to it didn't like that macha they took care of davante freeman but tevin coleman found ways to make plays all gamelong are you kidding me there is in a run for ten coleman with a trip to the nfc championship game on the line there is an opportunity for him to be able to this lineup and carry.

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